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Your BMW R 1300 GS Tramuntana

Collage of the R 1300 GS Option 719 Tramuntana.

Expect nothing less than the best

You are never satisfied. You love exceeding your own personal best. You give it your all. And you deserve it all: first-class equipment. Unbeatable comfort. Unrivalled aesthetics. Take the journey of a lifetime and get the most out of every moment of the experience. I am at your side, your R 1300 GS Tramuntana.

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Highlights for discerning riders

Gold accents reflect your high standards. You hold the golden handlebars in your hands, the golden cross-spoked wheels send you on your way. The numerous milled parts make every moment more exquisite. Even you will radiate exclusivity while you make your way to new destinations. Everything looks high quality, and feels that way too. This equipment exceeds expectations:

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Stylish appearance: golden cross-spoked wheels
The golden cross-spoked wheels of the R 1300 GS Option 719 Tramuntana
New Feature: the rear radar
The BMW R 1300 GS Option 719 Tramuntana with functionally integrated turn indicators and rear radar
Unique accents: Option 719
The graphic design of the BMW R 1300 GS Tramuntana with Option 719 equipment
Increased driving information: the Riding Assistant
Riding Assistant of the R 1300 GS Option 719 Tramuntana
Maximum comfort: for your passenger, too
The BMW R 1300 GS Option 719 Tramuntana with passenger seat
More sophistication: the milled parts
The Option 719 milled parts of the R 1300 GS Tramuntana
A sophisticated head-turner: other milled parts
The Option 719 milled parts of the R 1300 GS Tramuntana
Truly exclusive: golden handlebars
The golden handlebars of the R 1300 GS Option 719 Tramuntana

Mediocrity is not an option

Mediocrity is not an option

The surfaces and materials will continue to impress you, time after time. The numerous milled parts included in the Option 719 equipment raise the exclusivity to an entirely new level. The hand lever, the cover of the liquid tank on the handbrake fitting and clutch lever fitting, the cover clasps over the spark plugs on the valve covers and the footrest system for the driver, including levers, are made from milled aluminum with a Shadow finish.

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Your comfort zone has no limits

Your comfort zone has no limits

There’s no question about it, the level of the equipment is high, including in aspects of comfort and control. As such, the comfort seats, the comfort passenger footrests, the center stand, and the electrically adjustable windscreen are must-haves with this equipment specification. Among other features, the latest generation of the optional semi-active suspension (DSA) and the environmental sensor system of the optional Riding Assistant ensure that your journeys are protected and comfortable.

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Facts for discerning riders

145 hp at 7,750 rpm
lb-ft max. torque at 6,500 rpm
cc displacement
in. seat height as standard
Air/liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine

Your dreams are your drive

Whatever you may wish to achieve, the legendary boxer makes it possible. You can feel its unique character from the first second and in every speed range. With its 145 hp, it offers you outstanding performance, while also ensuring a quiet ride at low speeds. A displacement of 1300 ccm provides a level of performance that you’ll feel on every route and in every driving situation.

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The sound of performance

3 year warranty

Ride on & on & on.

Get up to 3-years or 36,000 miles warranty on all new motorcycles. 

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The exclusive design

Express your inimitability

Tramuntana represents the GS spirit in its own unique way. Every detail is designed to stand out against the frame – be it the gold-anodized parts or the exclusive milled parts. For all those not only looking for special experiences, but also a special design.

Option 719 Tramuntana

The Aurelius Green Metallic paint is adorned with a gold-colored GS graphic with a clear coating. Together with the gold-anodized aluminum handlebars, the gold-anodized rims of the cross-spoked wheels, it creates the perfect aesthetic.

Be outstanding

Lots of gold, lots of milled parts, lots of special features. The aluminum tank, which is also painted in Aurelius Green Metallic, and the two airbox covers have a matte clear coat. This provides more contrast and emphasizes the sophisticated and exclusive character. Another special highlight is the central fuel tank cover, which serves as an extension of the seat. It is upholstered with a flexible, gray and black cover that features the Option 719 emblem.

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The exclusive design of the R 1300 GS Option 719 Tramuntana from BMW Motorrad

Wishes become reality

You know exactly what you want? Then individualize your Tramuntana to suit your preferences with the comprehensive range of optional equipment and the Original BMW Motorrad Accessories range. Or select the pre-configured first-class touring enduro with everything you’ve ever wanted.

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First-class traveller

This equipment may exceed your expectations. That’s because it includes everything you could ever want for your adventurous tours. With the available Innovation and Touring packages, you will not only enjoy increased protection, but also a higher level of touring comfort. With the ConnectedRide Navigator, you’ll not only find the route, but also experiences. There are also some aesthetic options available, for example the Option 719 Shadow milled parts package. Explore the equipment options in detail or configure your own version.

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Option 719 package

The exclusive Option 719 Shadow milled parts package comprises countless high-quality components with a darker look. The quality surfaces create a particularly sophisticated and distinctive aesthetic. The package includes hand levers, expansion tank covers for the clutch and front wheel brake, rider footrest, gearswitch and footbrake levers, as well as the ignition coil cover.

Dynamics package

The available dynamics package allows you to exploit the full potential of the sporty vehicle. Thanks to the shift assistant Pro and the Pro riding modes, every ride can be a highlight in driving dynamics with individual configuration options. The sports brake and the electronic suspension (DSA) serve to ensure optimal handling and control.

Touring package

The available Touring package makes the GS ready for all journeys, short or long. The case holder offers space for luggage for two people. Prepared for a navigation device: the mount for the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Navigator. The central locking system and expanded hand protection provide increased protection and comfort. Another highlight is the chrome manifold.

Innovation package

The available Innovation package equips the vehicle with intelligent technology, thereby offering increased confidence. The Riding Assistant monitors the surroundings using radar sensors, providing the basis for functions such as the ACC or lane change warning. Thanks to the matrix main headlight, Headlight Pro provides optimal lighting, even on bends.

Seat heating

At low temperatures, the seat heating, which can be adjusted individually for the rider and passenger, offers additional comfort, allowing you to enjoy carefree journeys, even in the colder months. It also increases maneuverability and helps the rider to comfortably command their motorcycle, even in cold weather.

ConnectedRide Navigator

With the BMW ConnectedRide Navigator, all tours and plans are with you. Synchronize planned routes and recordings with the BMW Motorrad app through your BMW ID. You can read the 5.5-inch touch display easily, even in direct sunlight. The operation is intuitive via the multi-controller.

Pack everything: with the Vario cases

Pack everything: with the Vario cases

The optional Vario luggage system consists of two cases and a matching topcase. Thanks to their modern design, the luggage elements match your GS perfectly. A true highlight: The latest generation of the luggage system is electrified: with a central locking function, lighting, and a socket on the interior of the case. Another highlight is the continuously variable volume expansion from 25 to 32 l and from 24 to 30 l. With the help of the lugs, additional items of luggage can be attached outside of the luggage system.

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Equipped to face challenges

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