The International GS Trophy 2024

Welcome to Namibia

The venue of the Int. GS Trophy 2024 has been announced: the off-road adventure will be taking us to Namibia. Now that the Int. GS Trophy has traveled around all continents throughout the globe, it returns to where it all began – Africa. Namibia impresses with beautiful landscapes, what are known as the big five and many other animal species. Hot days end with crimson sunsets. The night sky that follows is overwhelming and starry. The trip to Namibia will be a unique experience with a lot of #SpiritOfGS. We can hardly wait!

Once-in-a-lifetime experience

It goes without saying that the exact routes for the Int. GS Trophy 2024 are still top secret until the event itself kicks off. However, we can already promise you one thing: it will be an unforgettable experience where participants will be able to demonstrate their riding skills and expertise as part of ambitious challenges.

It’s all about skills and team spirit. In addition to plenty of sandy stints, the route will also take us up Namibia's mountains and therefore present us with some rocky stretches. Even for experienced Enduro riders, Namibia will be an once-in-a-lifetime adventure that will remain a lasting memory.

U.S. National Qualifier

The best of the U.S.

The best of the U.S.

In September 2023 a record number of riders participated in the U.S. National Qualifiers for the International GS Trophy. Riders came from as far as California, New York and Florida to compete in Spartanburg, South Carolina in hopes of claiming a spot to represent the United States.

Congratulations to International GS Trophy Team USA - Kirk, Billy and Scott who will represent the U.S. in Namibia. And Emily and Jess who moved forward to the Women's International Qualifier in Spain in January for a chance to represent the U.S.  

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International Female Qualifier

Pure woman power in Spain

Pure woman power in Spain

Fourteen international female teams put their talent to the test riding the R 1300 GS in Malaga from January 26th to 27th, 2024. Twenty-eight women from 17 countries showed off their skills riding enduro bikes at the Int. GS Trophy 2024 Female Qualifier in Spain. In a total of eight of the special challenges, competitors vied to make it into the Int. GS Trophy 2024 and take the trip to Namibia. Now the final teams who will fight for the title in Africa have been determined. We commend them for making it this far!

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Follow the Trails Namibia

The destination of the Int. GS Trophy 2024 has been decided – but the exact routes are still secret. Nevertheless, you should still plan your trip to Windhoek now, because as soon as the Int. GS Trophy 2024 is over, the Enduropark Andalusia will start its trip along the trails of Namibia. You can look forward to thrilling rides through wild canyons, riverbeds and the desert, as well as constantly shifting landscapes. This edition of Follow the Trails will be an epic off-road adventure. So what are you waiting for? The adventure is calling.

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