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Comfortable with the uncomfortable


Your BMW R 1300 GS Adventure

Follow your vision to its destination

Even before you get on the bike, you are confident: you will reach your destination without diversions. Neither terrain nor weather can hold you back. When things get tough, you stay relaxed. Because your R 1300 GS Adventure in Triple Black supports you and has what is needed to get you where you want to be.

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It’s all about performance

More elegance:
Aluminum tank
More weather protection:
High windscreen
Flexibility when travelling:
Tank bag attachment
Warm and comfortable:
Comfort rider's seat and comfort passenger seat including seat heating
Slipstreams at the touch of a button:
Electrically adjustable windscreen
Intelligent sensors:
Riding Assistant Radar System
LED Turn Signals
LED turn signals
Elegant and stylish:
Black color scheme and black details

As high-performance as you are

hp at 7,750 rpm
lb-ft max. torque at 6,500 rpm
cc displacement
lb curb weight
Air/liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine

Make it a reality

Your presence immediately shows the world: You know where you want to go, and you won’t let anything stop you. From the available automated ride height control, to the Shift Assistant, right up to the radar warning systems: you are prepared for almost anything with this bike. The aluminum radiator cowls and the luggage carrier, storage compartments and docking elements offer flexibility and ensure that you are well equipped for your own personal adventure. The powerful boxer with 145 hp will get you to your destination with ease. Behind the large windscreen with the large wind deflectors, you can sit comfortably on the heated, black-and-grey comfort seat, right behind the aluminum tank with a tinted clear coat finish.

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This is what adventure sounds like

Every appearance makes a statement

Your adventure, in color

Choose the right design for your R 1300 GS Adventure and pick the variant that suits your great adventure in all aspects of your vision.

    Triple Black

    The elegance of this variant begins at the handlebar, and continues all the way to the black rim graphics. The fuel tank in a tinted clear coat, as well as the comfort seat in black and gray and the engine bar with silver-colored inserts mean that the Triple Black variant makes an impressive visual statement.

    Racing Red solid paint

    Designed for adventure; from the silver fuel tank, right up to the black-and-red seat. Complemented by hand protection extensions, which are also in red, and the black handlebar and wheel rims, this variant is a real head-turner.

    GS Trophy

    The sporty character can be seen in all aspects, from the Racing Blue Metallic paint color, right down to the graphics in Light White and Racing Red. The high, black-and-red rider's seat is complemented by the hand protection extensions, which are also in red.

    Option 719 Karakorum

    The exclusive Aurelius Green Metallic paint contrasts elegantly with the gold-colored linework and the “Option 719” badge on the tank cover. The grille on the additional headlights and the black-and-gray comfort seat round out the aesthetic of this variant.

    Perfected to suit your needs

    The Performer

    This suggested equipment specification requires no compromises. The dynamics package ensures precise gearshifts and offers the right riding mode for any situation. The available intelligent assistance systems issue warnings and offer support, whatever comes your way. From a weekend getaway to a world tour: Thanks to the touring package with a case holder, electric windscreen adjustment mechanism and ConnectedRide Navigator, this equipment can help you get to your chosen destination.

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    Touring package

    The available Touring package makes the GS ready for all journeys, short or long. Thanks to the case holder, you can attach aluminum cases. Additionally, the bike is prepared for installing the BMW Motorrad Navigator. The windscreen can be adjusted continuously using the multifunctional shift paddle on the handlebar. The chrome exhaust manifold is an optical highlight, as well.

    Dynamics package

    The available dynamics package allows the rider to exploit the full potential of the sporty bike. Thanks to the Shift Assistant Pro and the freely configurable Riding Modes Pro, every trip can be made into an even greater experience. Moreover, the sports brake wins riders over with its sporty aesthetic and optimal handling.

    Aluminum tank 1

    The standard aluminum tank has undergone an elaborate grinding process, followed by a dark clear coat finish in the optional Triple Black package. This high-quality aesthetic is known as a “tinted clear coat”.

    Comfort rider's seat

    The comfort rider's seat means that even longer tours can be done in comfort. The seat heating can be set to various levels. Furthermore, the seat height adjustment allows you to find the perfect seat position.

    Comfort passenger seat

    The comfort passenger seat means that even longer tours can be done in comfort. Moreover, the GS offers maximum flexibility: With the help of a lash tray, you can use straps to safely attach luggage, as before.

    Double silencer, titanium black

    The available black double silencer accesory made from titanium/stainless steel impresses riders with its sporty aesthetic and rugged sound. The exposed carbon trim elements create distinctive accents at the twin-tailpipe exhaust system.

    Aluminum case

    Aluminum case, black, 36.5 l + 37 l, electrified

    The available, robust accessory cases made of black anodized aluminum offer over 73 liters of storage space. With practical details, such as an integrated USB-C charging socket, a payload of up to 22 lbs on each side, and plenty of space for a helmet, they are particularly useful on longer journeys.

    Aluminum topcase

    Aluminum topcase, silver 37 l, electrified

    The available topcase made from aluminum is a loyal companion on tour. With a volume of 37 liters, it offers ample space for smaller items of luggage or a helmet. In addition to a useful light, it also has an integrated USB-C charging socket, e.g. for smartphones or tablets.

    Backrest pad, aluminum topcase, black

    The backrest pad for the aluminum topcase offers added comfort for the passenger, both on short trips and on long tours.

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