*MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $645, tax, title, license and registration.

European Model Shown. Vehicle shown may be delivered with a different brake system. Images/videos below show a professional rider on a closed course. Do not attempt.
*MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $645, tax, title, license and registration.

*MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $645, tax, title, license and registration.

The BMW S 1000 R

Awaken the Daredevil
We see the riding S 1000 R in iconic M colours.

The air is filled with the smell of gas. An engine revs up. Pure power unfolds. Showtime for the BMW S 1000 R. Dynamic Roadster outside, Superbike DNA inside. The chassis and engine carry the genes of the RR. Ultra agile, ultra precise. 165 hp carrying 430 lbs. Even more sophisticated, even more aggressive. For the first time with the optional M Package including M colors and M carbon wheels. Ready for the ultimate challenge. #NeverStopChallenging.

We see a darkly dressed person standing in front of a red-hot steel boiler.

It’s not just about power. It’s also about outstanding control. The S 1000 R combines both.


Chris Pfeiffer

Several-times World Streetbike Freestyle Champion and Erzberg Rodeo winner


LED lighting system
We see the LED headlights of the S 1000 R.
Available M Endurance Chain
We see the M endurance chain of the S 1000 R.
M Package with M colors
We see the M Package with the M colors on the S 1000 R.
We see the engine of the S 1000 R in detail.
M Carbon Wheels
We see the M carbon wheels of the S 1000 R.
TFT display
We see the TFT display of the S 1000 R.
Keyless Ride Light
We see the Keyless Ride Light device on the S 1000 R.
Titanium Sports Silencer
We see the titanium sports silencer and the exhaust system of the S 1000 R.

Dynamics at its best

The weight? No contest. Including M package, it is optimized down to the last ounce – from 427 lbs. Even when fully equipped and with a full tank, it remains 438 lbs.

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hp at 11,000 rpm
lbs-ft. max. tightening torque at 9,250 rpm
cc capacity
lbs. ready to ride , full tank, with all equipment packages including M Package
Oil/water-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine

The engine of the S 1000 R comes from the super sports bike.


Jörg Vogt

Development Manager Drive, S 1000 Series

Taking Your Heart To the Limit

And the drivetrain? Goes right up to the limit. Races straight off from neutral. Let’s off a superbike firework all the way up to its maximum 12,000 rpm. Remains controllable  thanks to three lean angle-dependent riding modes. Not enough? The optional Ride Modes Pro gives full control over all control systems. 

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Change to the brake system

Vehicle shown may be delivered with a different brake system.

Hearts are racing

Dress code: rigorous

The look? Doesn’t hide. It’s the embodiment of challenge. Wind? Come here! The world is a stage, time to perform.

Light White/M Motorsport

The strongest letter in the world carries the strongest colors in the world: Light blue, dark blue, red. Exclusively in the M Package.

Racing Red

Almost too hot – ignites flames in the eyes: Racing Red.

Style Sport Package

Brings out the corners and edges: Hockenheim Silver Metallic.



This letter is fascinating. Combines racing, power and enthusiasm. And now, with the S 1000 R, it’s getting your pulse racing. The M Forged wheels or M Carbon wheels, the M Lightweight Battery and the M Endurance Chain make the racing know-how tangible.

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We see a collage of the S 1000 R in Hockenheim Silver with three individual pictures consisting of a side view, a view of the R side fairing and the rider.


The bike? Doesn’t need a nickname. Because there is no escape. Minimal front, aggressive rear. Pure dynamics in typical roadster proportions. With an R in the side fairing. Burnt in like a scar that tells a story – ready for the next chapter.

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We see a riding sequence of the S 1000 R with spinning tires.


In the eye of the storm

The sitting position? On the attack. But everything is under control. Thanks to the enlarged steering angle, dual-adjustable handlebar clamp and three different seat heights. As versatile and precise as ever.

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3 year warranty

Ride on & on & on. 

Get up to 3-years or 36,000 miles warranty on all new motorcycles. 

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A Range of choices

A Range of choices

The equipment? Diverse. From technical options such as the Headlight Pro and Tire Pressure Monitor System (TPMS), there is also an exclusive M Package that includes M colors and M Forged wheels or M Carbon wheels. And with the M Performance Parts in the form of the M Carbon Package or M billet packs as highlights.

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Daredevil feeling for the screen

Wallpaper for showtime on Teams, Zoom, etc.
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