The Bobber

Rock by every block

The 1950s. An era in which bobbers and rock'n'roll conquered the world. The color black underlines the understated style associated with this period. You can give your R 12 this retro style with just a few accessories. These include, for example, the black custom rear end trim, the black Option 719 Shadow bar end mirrors and the black drag bar handlebars. This turns your bike into a genuine bobber and an absolute eye-catcher, no matter where it appears.

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Comfort package

The comfort package makes many journeys comfortable with heated grips and cruise control. In addition, the Shift Assistant Pro allows you to change gear without operating the clutch lever. Hill Start Control makes it easy to start off on inclines.

Design option exhaust system

The design option exhaust system sets individual accents. The exhaust system is enhanced by a chrome-plated finish on the manifold and an electropolished rear silencer. This creates an unmistakable look.

Option 719 parts

Option 719 Classic wheel

On the move in style: the Option 719 Classic wheel is a tubeless spoked wheel in a timeless design. The high-quality, centrally spoked wheels with black anodized rim ring complete the classic Heritage look.

Option 719 handlebar end mirrors in Shadow black

The Shadow black Option 719 handlebar end mirrors offer exceptional visibility and emphasize the character of the bike.

Option 719 hand lever Shadow II black

The adjustable hand levers of the exclusive Option 719 Shadow are milled from a black anodized aluminum alloy. The grip width can be adjusted to five settings and adapted to individual requirements. The high-quality milled parts with Option 719 branding further refine the motorcycle.

Option 719 footrest system in Shadow black

The rider footrest system of the exclusive Option 719 in Shadow black refines the look and function of the motorcycle. The high-quality milled parts further emphasize the sporty appearance of the bike and the material quality.

Option 719 cylinder head cover in Shadow black

The Option 719 cylinder head covers in Shadow black impress with high-quality finishes and a customized look. In addition to the magnesium cylinder head covers, the set also includes surface-milled ignition coil covers made of black anodized aluminum with laser-engraved inscription and an anodized oil filler plug.

Black drag bar handlebars

The black drag bar handlebars enable a sporty, low and more forward grip position. This results in a casual and sporty sitting position. It is also barely 11 cm wider than the standard handlebars.

Custom black rear end trim

The custom black rear end trim shortens the rear of the motorcycle and impresses with a sporty  look thanks to the exposed rear wheel. The number plate is mounted on a holder behind the rear wheel. The seat features stylish cross-stitching and gray contrast stitching.

The Classic Tourer

Ready for miles and miles

What could be nicer than cruising comfortably along a country road after a hard day's work and listening to the sound of the air-cooled boxer engine? With this equipment specification, the journey on your R 12 can be ready for long rides. The Tour windscreen and the black comfort bench seat, as well as the new Digital Display, provide touring comfort. The side bag of the Soulfuel Collection holds what you need for a trip on your personal road to joy.

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Comfort package

The comfort package makes many journeys  comfortable with heated grips and cruise control. In addition, the Shift Assistant Pro allows you to change gears without operating the clutch lever. Hill Start Control makes it easy to start on inclines.

ConnectedRide Control

With ConnectedRide Control, the smartphone can be connected to the vehicle and display certain vehicle data, as well as the current weather and map navigation, in the ConnectedRide app. The smartphone is securely fastened in a holder in your field of vision. Operation is simple and intuitive via the multi-controller.

Digital Display

The unobtrusive Digital Display catapults the motorcycle into the digital age. Thanks to the clear display, all information remains clearly in view – especially in the even more compact Pure Ride mode. In addition to the speed and revs, the daily distance travelled, average consumption or engine temperature can also be displayed.

Headlight Pro

With Headlight Pro, the headlights have an integrated adaptive headlight in addition to the LED light icon, which functions as a headlight. The LED segments are switched on in addition to the low-beam headlight depending on the lean angle in order to optimize the illumination of the inside of the bend.

Tire pressure monitor

The tire pressure monitor (TPM) provides information about the current tire pressure and informs the rider of potential dangers in case of pressure loss. The values can be read on the display. A yellow status light and a red warning light automatically indicate a relevant deviation from the target values while the vehicle is in motion.

Tour windscreen

The Tour windscreen offers comfortable protection from wind and weather, making it the ideal choice for longer journeys. The cruiser look is perfectly matched to the vehicle design. The windscreen is crystal clear and has a scratch-resistant coating on both sides. The set also includes a windscreen holder and LED turn indicator stalks.

Black comfort seat

The black comfort seat offers a noticeable increase in sitting comfort for the rider and passenger thanks to additional upholstery. At the same time, it increases the rider's contact surface to the bike to help improve vehicle control. Thanks to its robust, waterproof surface material, the comfort seat is suitable for any tour.

Soulfuel Collection side bag, green, small, 10 liters, right

The small, waterproof side bag from the Soulfuel Collection is made from recycled polyester and leather. The bag latches on to the side bag holder. An outer bag with a water-repellent zip offers space for personal items that need to be quickly accessible. The volume can be adjusted using a compression strap.

Our equipment for your vision

Road trips, short excursions, evening cruises: however you want to travel on your R 12, you can find the right parts for the bike of your taste in the extensive BMW Motorrad accessories range.

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