The globetrotter

No path too far, no challenge too great

Dust or mud, rain or heat: You won’t be held back, you accept any challenge. The R 1250 GS Adventure with the comfort and touring package is the perfect partner for your adventures. Everything you need on your journey into the unknown can be conveniently stored in the topcase, aluminum cases or the 27-liter volume expansion in the 40 Years GS edition. Comfortable for you, too: The heated seat that keeps you warm on long tours.

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LED lighting technology

Adaptive headlight

The adaptive cornering light helps provide significantly improved illumination of the roadway when riding around curves.

Seat heating

The seat heating, which can be separately regulated for the rider and passenger, offers added comfort and unlimited riding pleasure even in the cooler seasons.

Robust design elements

Option 719 billet package Classic II

The Classic II billet pack of the exclusive Option 719 creates design-defining accents with high-quality components in a silver-colored look.

Aluminum tank 1

The aluminum tank 1 with brushed and clear painted-over side panels is the perfect choice for those who love something special.


Aluminum case incl. case holder

The aluminum cases can be easily and securely attached to the stainless-steel case holders on both sides of the bike.

Aluminum topcase

The robust aluminum topcase, with a volume of 32 liters, offers space for a helmet and impresses even under extreme conditions.

Increased volume aluminum case set, 40 Years GS limited edition

The increased volume aluminum case set expands the case’s volume by 13.5 liters of luggage space per side for a total volume increase of 27 liters.

Liner for aluminum topcase

The waterproof liners for the topcase bring order to your luggage and make loading and unloading easier.

Backrest pad for topcase, 35 L

The backrest pad for the aluminum topcase offers added comfort for the passenger both on short trips and on long tours.

Large tank bag

The large tank bag with 13-18 liters of volume offers clever details such as a waterproof, removable liner and strap fastening.

The off-road traveller

European model shown. Exhaust and tinted windscreen accessories not available in the U.S.A.

Adventure off the beaten track

It does not always have to be tarmac. The R 1250 GS Adventure with the Dynamic package is fun on any surface. In the Rallye Style with handlebar risers, sports silencer and a wide range of off-road features such as Enduro aluminum engine guard, headlight guard and off-road tires, you won’t let anything stop you.

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Handlebar risers

With the robust and precisely fitting handlebar riser, the standard handlebar is mounted 1" higher.

Style Rallye

The Style Rallye underlines the sporty potential of the dual-sport enduro. The colour combination Light white, Racing Blue Metallic and Racing Red, together with the optional black or gold cross-spoked wheels and the low three-color rally seat, provide a real rally feeling.

Off-road features

Enduro aluminum engine guard

The sturdy enduro aluminum engine guard provides effective protection against stone chipping and damage.

Headlight guard

The headlight guard for off-road use protects the headlights from damage caused by stone chips while riding off public roads.

Off-road tires

The off-road potential of the motorcycle can be fully exploited with the off-road tire option.


Atacama roll bag with lockable tensioning straps

The lockable tensioning strap with a steel core can be used to secure the Atacama roll bag and other luggage or helmets to the machine.

Atacama side bags incl. adapter and lockable tensioning straps

The durable Atacama side bags boast many clever details and a stowage volume of 60 liters. With the lockable steel-core tensioning straps you can secure the Atacama side bags and other luggage or helmets to your bike.

M Lightweight battery

The M Lightweight battery with state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology is around 6 lbs lighter than the standard battery.

The Elegant

European model shown. Tinted windscreen not available in the U.S.A.

Created for the most beautiful destinations on the planet

Discover and be discovered: This is your world. The look creates a lasting impression: In Style Triple Black, the R 1250 GS Adventure is minimalist and elegant. The comprehensive lighting package puts you and the roads of the world in the right light. The high-quality Enduro aluminum engine guard provides protection and exclusivity. The cross-spoked wheels in gold, high-end black and silver billet and the tinted windscreen complete the noble finish.

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Gold cross-spoked wheels

The otherwise black rims with cross-spoked wheels II become a real eye-catcher with their golden color and high-gloss stainless steel spokes.

Option 719 billet pack Storm and Storm II

The billet packs Storm and Storm II from the exclusive Option 719 create accents that are emblematic of the design using high-quality components in a rough, silver-grey look.

Design accessories in Style TripleBlack Look

Adjustable gearshift lever in black

The variable gearshift lever with adjustable foot plate can be adjusted to the shoe size and offers more comfort when riding standing up.

Rear footrest bracket in black

The set of rear footrest holders in black offers the same function and quality of the standard part in black matte anodized.


Case holder for aluminum cases, diagonal bracket rear

The sturdy case holder made of black powder-coated stainless steel allows for easy and secure attachment of the Atacama soft luggage system. The black cross brace connects the right and left case holder and ensures high stability even when fully loaded.

Topcase carrier for aluminum topcase

The Atacama roll bag or other pieces of luggage can be attached to the stable topcase carrier made of powder-coated stainless steel.

Aluminum top case in black, 32 l

The black anodized aluminum topcase, with a volume of 32 liters, offers space for a BMW helmet and impresses even under extreme conditions.

Aluminum case, black

The robust aluminum case provides 36 liters of storage space on the right and 44 liters on the left. You will be convinced of its utility, even under extreme conditions.

Increased volume aluminum case set, 40 Years GS limited edition

The increased volume aluminum case set expands the case’s volume by 13.5 liters of luggage space per side for a total volume increase of 27 liters.

Enduro aluminum engine guard, black

The robust and lightweight Enduro engine guard made of black coated aluminum protects against stone chips and damage, especially when used off-road.

Design your R 1250 GS Adventure

From the paint to BMW Original BMW Motorrad Accessories – in the configurator, you can put together your individual dream bike.

Build Your Own