Sugar Mama

Customized BMW R 18 build by BMW Motorcycles of Miami in South Florida

BMW Motorcycles of Miami, in Miami Florida, are a dealership of motorcycle enthusiasts who are proud to serve the Miami are of South Florida and its community with decades of experience

In starting this build, BMW Motorcycles of Miami began with the platform of a BMW R 18 Classic, completely disassembling it. The bike was painted in collaboration with Make it Happen Automotive. The left side was painted black while the right side was painted white. They modified the exhaust system for a more throaty, and captivating tone and shortened length and tips.  They relocated the headlight to the right crash bar and tinted it yellow, leaving a small clear circle just in front of inner BMW logo, inspired by the desire to illuminate the right side of the bike as the day, symbolizing the sun that shines on the vibrant beaches of Miami.

The organic paintwork, created by artist Andres Celis (@AndresCelis_Art), captures the vibrant colors of Miami during the day. The auxiliary lights were placed on the left crash bar and tinted black, representing the stars of the night sky and the city lights of Miami. The colors applied by the artist on the left side give the impression of the cosmopolitan nights in Miami.


The luggage case, utilizing one of the two original cases, was also modified, reducing its depth to create a lighter appearance and provide a better view of the exposed shaft. Inside the case, the BMW Motorrad + MTX Boom Box sound system is installed and fully functional.

The drive shaft was removed and painted magenta, the color of the flamingos that grace the beaches and parks of Miami. This color is also represented on the left side by applying it to the horn. For the seat, they installed a BMW OEM Comfort seat recovered with colorful crocodile leathers, evoking the spirit of the Everglades National Park, and blending seamlessly with the artist's chosen colors to give the bike its character.

The cluster has been moved to the rear of the handlebar, the mirrors have been painted, the radiator guard has been replaced with the BMW OEM Chrome option, and various levers and accessories have been carefully selected and installed.

Check out the photos of the Sugar Mama R 18 below and stay tuned as this bike moves forward in the International Round of the Customizing Championship 2023. 

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We haven't compromised on any aspect, and we've embraced the beautiful design elements provided by the BMW Motorrad design and engineering team.


Alan G - BMW Motorcycles of Miami

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