The R 18 family

Collage of the BMW R 18 family.

Boasting 1,802 cc, the most powerful boxer engine ever built by BMW Motorrad is an unmissable centerpiece. The double cradle frame, telescopic forks, teardrop-shaped tank or even the double pinstripe lines are iconic design features rooted in our history.

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Our R 18 models

R 18

Soul is all that matters: a cruiser bursting with character featuring a low and stretched flyline.

R 18 100 Years

The limited edition model on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad. #SoulFuel in its most exclusive form.

R 18 Classic

Iconic, nostalgic, soul fuel: historically derived from the first cruisers suitable for touring.

R 18 Roctane

The R 18 Roctane is a touring bike with the personality of a Custom Factory Hot Rod.

R 18 B

Raw power meets a pure soul: bagger look with characteristic streamlining, a fairing fitted to the handlebars and permanently installed cases.

R 18 Transcontinental

Grand touring with big boxer: exclusive, luxurious and comfortable, entirely designed for riding with a passenger.

The R 12 family

Collage of the BMW R 12 family

Legends live longer. The R 12 models bring an unmistakable look to the road with their minimalist design language and unique roadster style. They are powered by a next stage of evolution of the Boxer engine. Otherwise, hardly a screw was left in its thread during development. The backbone designed for customizing with a classic tubular spaceframe has been completely redeveloped. Can you hear the call? Express your inimitability.

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Our R 12 models

R 12 nineT

Uncompromising roadster with unmistakable proportions and stylish elements. The R 12 nineT is comfortable being the center of attention and turns the road into your stage.

R 12

Casual cruiser with an iconic design, low seat height and distinctive styling. This bike conveys the #Soulfuel feeling like no other: life is easy on the R 12.

The R nineT family

Collage of the BMW R nineT family.

The minimalist design idiom is characterized by 100 years of motorcycle engineering and our unbroken passion for the boxer engine. The traditional roadster design with its compact fuel tank and upright seating position strikingly sets the scene for the high-quality materials and the respective style elements.

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Our R nineT models

R nineT

Classic, pure, passionate: this classic roadster with its iconic boxer engine and the twin tailpipe exhaust system is all the more captivating.

R nineT 100 Years

The limited edition model on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of BMW Motorrad. #SoulFuel in its most exclusive form.

R nineT Pure

Purist, minimalist, confident: the name says it all. By deliberately omitting features it pays tribute to the original design of the motorcycle.

R nineT Scrambler

Powerful, robust, creative: the telescopic forks with gaiters, the raised exhaust system and a relaxed seating position characterize the unconventional scrambler look.

R nineT Urban G/S

Authentic, striking, balanced: the design is based on the first G/S models. An eye-catching look with a relaxed, upright seating position.

Shots of the R 18 The Wal.

BMW R 18 The Wal

Customizer Shinya Kimura created an unmistakable, one-off R 18 and named it The Wal. In his workshop, he combined expert craftsmanship with Japanese aesthetics and the brute force of the 1,802 cc big boxer engine.

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