Engrave Digger

Customized BMW R 18 build by BMW Motorcycles San Francisco, "SoSo" Cycles in California

BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco is a part of three BMW Motorrad dealerships on the West Coast of the United States. An exclusive BMW Motorrad store in San Francisco and multi-line dealerships in Tacoma, Washington and Concord, California. Those dealerships operate under the brand umbrella of ‘SoSo Cycles’ with a mission to make motorcycling accessible and enjoyable to all.

The Engrave Digger was customized by one of the dealer staff, Nathan N, a long-time, v-twin and cruiser enthusiast, who was given opportunity to build out the R 18 of his dreams. With very few constraints on his vision, Nathan was able to inject multiple California styles into the bike to create a cohesive aesthetic that draws people in, while maintaining the ride-ability of the bike.​ With it’s detailed engraving and custom paint, this club style bike is an R 18 that invites the viewer to study it closely. It’s made stops in the last year at various events including recently at the Mama Tried Motorcycle show.

Check out the photos of the Engrave Digger below. 


We’re extremely proud of the people that work for SoSo Cycles and believe that we’re capable of great things.


Eric W. - BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco, "SoSo Cycles"

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