Cycle Werks Bobber

Customized BMW R 18 build by Cycle Werks of Barrington near Chicago, Illinois

Cycle Werks in Barrington, Illinois has over five decades of experience in the motorcycle business and is an exclusive BMW Motorrad dealer northwest of Chicago, IL.

Cyle Werks entered the BMW Motorrad International 2023 Customizing Championship with a bike designed to showcase the accessibility of customizing the R 18 from its iconic BMW design into a “bobber” style motorcycle. The “Cycle Werks Bobber” primarily utilized parts available from aftermarket company, Walzwerk® Motorcycles combined with BMW accessories from Roland Sands Design, Inc.

Bringing it all together, Cycle Werks modifications combined various accessories with a distinctive racing blue paint to inspire a more sporty look for the BMW R 18 Cycle Werks Bobber. 

Check out the photos of the Cycle Werks Bobber R 18 below. 

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