Dirty Copper

Customized BMW R 18 build by Cycle Werks BMW Motorcycles of Barrington near Chicago, Illinois

Cycle Werks in Barrington, Illinois has over five decades of experience in the motorcycle business and is an exclusive BMW Motorrad dealer northwest of Chicago, IL.

Dirty Copper is one of several Cycle Werks builds entered the BMW Motorrad International 2023 Customizing Championship. This customized R 18 brings together bobber style and west coast club style features. The “Dirty Copper” was given its name for the color that the customer, “Dutch,” who requested that the tank resemble the color of a dirty, tarnished penny. This color also ties back to vintage style BMW heritage tank medallion that accompanied the launch of the R 18 First Edition.  This custom R 18 features accessories available from aftermarket company, Walzwerk® Motorcycles combined with BMW parts from Roland Sands Design, Inc. and high-rise bars. 

Check out the photos of the Cycle Werks Dirty Copper below. 


The name comes from when the customer was looking for the color choice for the tank, the color of a dirty penny, so Dirty Copper was what we called it​.


Cycle Werks of Barrington

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