Our superbike

Developed in motorsport, optimized for the road. The S 1000 RR – RR for short – is uncompromising in terms of performance, technology and design. The aim of achieving maximum performance is made possible by the engine, aerodynamically streamlined fairing, lightweight construction and assistance systems. And in just a few simple steps, the RR is transformed into a race bike, made purely to chase record times on the race track.

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Our superbike

S 1000 RR

The RR is fully focused on pure performance. 205 hp and numerous technical optimizations put it in pole position – by a country mile.

Our RS

The look: sporty and dynamic. The engine: sheer pleasure. For sporty tours. The two-cylinder boxer engine delivers the unmistakable boxer punch and, thanks to BMW ShiftCam, it provides impressive acceleration values across the engine speed range. Precise dynamics make every bend and every journey unforgettable.

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Our sports touring bike

R 1250 RS

Sports touring in the fast lane: this is where sporty character meets suitability for traveling. Numerous technological highlights make comfort and concentration paired with sheer riding pleasure a reality.

The XR family

XR is synonymous for sporty character and long-distance performance: aggressive design and powerful engines meet ergonomic comfort and state-of-the-art assistance systems. For all those chasing around every corner and every mile along the way – even for days on end.

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Our XR models

S 1000 XR

The challenge of cornering and clocking up the miles. The aggressiveness of an athlete meets the ergonomics and relaxed seating position of a touring enduro.

F 900 XR

Higher, faster, further: pure adrenaline, bend after bend, for days on end is the goal. Engine and design: pure performance. Ergonomics: pure relaxation.

Adrenaline as a way of life

With BMW Motorrad Motorsport, we are represented in racing series worldwide and celebrate victories around the globe with the M RR and the RR. We transfer the expertise gained in this way to our road bikes as part of a targeted process. In this way, we are continuously expanding our performance ideas with new benchmarks and innovative projects.

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Performance for the living room

Just like with the original, we focused on precision and every single detail with the 1,920 LEGO® Technic elements of our LEGO® Technic M RR. This is how we developed parts and created innovative solutions: featuring details that come close to their original, the largest LEGO® Technic motorcycle model ever has been created at a scale of 1:5.

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Feel sports and adrenaline