BMW Motorrad is the first motorcycle brand to offer this optional accessory as a factory option.

Through both automatic and manual activation, eCall sends the vehicle's coordinates directly to the call center and if necessary connects the rider to local emergency services. 

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Sensors on the motorcycle identify certain circumstances and communicate with the rider to determine whether an emergency services call needs to be triggered. Voice communication occurs through a speaker and microphone affixed to the handlebar. Additionally, the rider is alerted by an icon on the instrument cluster. 

The rider may use eCall to obtain assistance for themself or others. The eCall feature is activated by pressing and holding the SOS button on the handlebar activating voice communication. The rider also may terminate the eCall by pressing the SOS button or switching off the engine. The manual activation of eCall is only possible when the bike is stationary and the ignition is on.

For minor incidents, the rider can cancel eCall. If eCall is not cancelled, voice communication is established to assess the severity of the incident.

The eCall feature is automatically activated in the event of a signifcant  fall or impact. Voice communication with the rider is established to determine if emergency services are necessary or, if the rider cannot communicate, emergency services are initiated.


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