Three control features for the ride

The new ACC has three control features. Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) regulates the riding speed set by the rider. Active Cruise Control (ACC) regulates the selected speed in consideration of the distance to preceding vehicles set by the rider. If necessary, the curve control feature of the ACC will automatically reduce your speed, enabling you to hit the curve at a comfortable lean angle. As  the lean angle increases, the braking and acceleration dynamics are limited. This helps you to ride in a stable manner.

The ACC gives you full control: As a rider, you are always in control and have the option of making changes at any time. 

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Easy to configure

Riders can set the speed and distance to the vehicle ahead with the press of a button on the handlebar. The distance can be set to three levels, while the speed can be configured between 19 mph and 99 mph. Individual settings are visible on the TFT display.

The two control features "comfortable" and "dynamic" help ensure a more balanced or dynamic acceleration and deceleration. 

The distance control feature can be switched off so that you can also use the Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) system on its own. This system regulates your desired speed in a range from 9 to 137 mph.

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