European model shown. Vehicle shown may be delivered with a different brake system.
European model shown. Vehicle shown may be delivered with a different brake system.
MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $645, tax, title, license and registration. Images may include optional equipment and accessories at extra cost.

MSRP excludes destination & handling fee of $645, tax, title, license and registration. Images may include optional equipment and accessories at extra cost.



Always pushing to the limit and in search of the ideal line, you've got 205 HP beneath you. Unbridled power pushes your RR to the max - with a maximum torque of 83 lb-ft at 11,000 rpm and a torque curve of at least 74 lb-ft over a range of 5,500 to 14,500 rpm. Ten years after the first generation of the RR first mesmerized the world of motorcycles, we're now entering the next level of performance. We have updated almost every component of the RR - from the front to the rear. The result: less weight and noticeably higher performance. Are you ready for the pole position – are you ready to #NeverStopChallenging? The RR awaits you.


Choose your color.

Three different colors highlight the untouchable sportiness of your RR. Choose between Mineral Gray Metallic, familiar Black Storm Metallic and Light White/Racing Blue Metallic/Racing Red.

Light White / Racing Blue Metallic / Racing Red

Committed to the racing tradition. Send a signal from a distance with our multi-color paint: ride a high-performance package full of sportiness, agility and dynamics, available as a part of the M package.


Mineral Gray Metallic is synonymous with pure precision: what counts here is your intention to perform – and every millisecond on the racing line.

Black Storm Metallic

Sporty and impulsive: The Black Storm Metallic Paint emphasizes the powerful appearance of the bike.

3 year warranty

Ride on & on & on. 

Get up to 3-years or 36,000 miles warranty on all new motorcycles. 

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Designed for the pole position.

Anyone who looks at it immediately understands that this is a high performance motorcycle. Every part of the RR has been designed to get the most out of it. Take, for instance, the frame layout with its new suspension technology that makes the RR lighter and more precise. In addition, there is the ergonomically focused seating position, which is unrivaled thanks to the modified frame and fairing design. The standard LED headlights give the bike a dynamic and aggressive look. The front indicators have moved from the fairing to the rearview mirrors, which not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides improved visibility. Seen from the rear, the RR dominates in terms of design and functionality: "All-in-one" is the motto here. In addition to license plate lighting, the license plate bracket now also includes LED turn signals, tail lights and brake lights.
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Ready for the track.

When it comes to top performance, the RR is your perfect partner. And not just on the road, but also on the track. In a few simple steps, you can dismantle both the rearview mirror and the license plate bracket and you've got a racing bike.

The optionally available M Package turns your RR into the ultimate racing machine. Here the weight is once more reduced by around 7.7 lbs down to a mere 427 lbs. In addition to the Motorsport finish, the M carbon wheels, the M battery, the M seat with M passenger seat cover and the M swing arm pivot you also get Ride Modes Pro with the configurable Ride Modes Race Pro 1-3 and electronic assistance systems, such as DTC +/- Shift, ABS Settings, engine mappings, wheelie control and slide control and a whole lot more.

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Four-cylinder in-line engine.

HP at 13,000 rpm
lb-ft (min.) at 11,000 rpm
lbs curb weight, measured with M Package
maximum rpm
Water/oil-cooled four-cylinder four-stroke in-line engine

Four cylinders and unrivaled performance.

Four cylinders and unrivaled performance.

The redesigned four-cylinder engine is the RR power train. Not only was the peak output increased to 205 HP at 13,000 rpm, but the torque curve was also optimized. Thanks to BMW ShiftCam technology, which selects the valve opening time and the valve lift by means of the camshaft, significantly more torque and power is applied even in low and medium engine speed ranges.

In addition, numerous other components were adapted to further optimize weight, space and design. These include a new timing concept, hollow-drilled titanium intake valves and an improved and self-reinforcing multi-disc, anti-hopping wet clutch (-20N). The engine is now narrower and about 9 lbs lighter, which improves both the handling and the ergonomics. You will notice this immediately when you first get on.

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Change to the brake system

Vehicle shown may be delivered with a different brake system.


Tail unit.
Rear of the new BMW RR
Next-Gen Dynamic Damping Control (DDC).
BMW RR new DDC (Dynamic Damping Control)
6.5" TFT Display.
BMW RR 6.5" TFT display
BMW RR multi-control on the handlebar
M carbon wheels.
M carbon wheel of the new BMW RR
LED lights.
Detail view of the BMW RR headlights
M seat.
M seat of the new BMW RR
Swing arm on trussing.
BMW RR swing arm on the trussing in series production

An overview of the technical highlights.

BMW ShiftCam technology: a combination of optimized torque and top-end performance.

When you first accelerate you will immediately notice: that this bike's torque curve is captivating even at low and middle speeds thanks to BMW's ShiftCam technology. The intake valves are controlled as needed by means of a control camshaft. Depending on the speed, the valve lift and timing of the valve opening are adjusted to ensure the best performance for you and your RR.

ABS and ABS Pro: from maximum stability to the highest possible performance.

The RR has standard ABS and ABS Pro, depending on your riding mode: RAIN, ROAD, DYNAMIC, RACE or optional RACE Pro-1 to 3. So you decide whether your bike needs the maximum stability or the highest possible performance.

Standard Gear Shift Assist Pro: switch gears in milliseconds with maximum stability and performance.

On the road or on the track: This feature is a must. With the standard feature Gear Shift Assist Pro, you can smoothly shift up or down without pulling the clutch lever, so you can fully concentrate on the road. At the same time, the load-bearing influences on the body and rear wheel have been reduced to a minimum. The result: you're faster, more stable and can enjoy even higher performance and more riding pleasure.

Completely developed Dynamic Damping Control (DDC): ideal damping for country roads and the track.

The RR comes optionally equipped with the next generation DDC. Now the electronic valve is parallel to the mechanical valve. If necessary, the damping is reduced or increased in 10 milliseconds via this bypass line. For the road or the track, you can rely on exceptional damping. The suspension spring can also be adjusted manually.

Lighting design: LED, visible, dynamic, aggressive.

The standard LED headlights give the RR its new unmistakable sporty-aggressive look. This applies not only to the front headlights but to the front turn signals, which have been moved from the fairing to the mirrors on the new RR. For the rear of the bike, the turn signal, brake and tail light have been combined into one component.  

6.5" TFT display: everything in sight – and under control.

The benchmark in the superbike segment: the TFT display of the RR. With 6.5" you have a perfect overview of your bikes information. You can choose between the Pure Ride screen that's reduced to the essentials, or one of three Core Ride screens that display other important information. Everything under control with the multi-controller on the left handlebar: Simply scroll through the menu of your 6.5" TFT display and access the various functions and settings - without taking your hands off the handlebars, so you maintain full control.

Ergonomics: more comfort, support and freedom of movement.

Not only is the new RR a lot lighter at a mere 434 lbs, it's also got the perfect ergonomics. The frame, tank, seat, tail and footpegs have all been modified for more support, freedom of movement, more feedback and better knee closure.

The interplay of the milled footpegs and the new handlebar ergonomics with the M seat, in addition to even more feedback, lets you ride longer and concentrate on achieving faster lap times.

Strut and swing arm: performance, sensitivity and adjustability – everything for your personal victory.

The new RR is equipped with an aluminum swing arm and offers you better power distribution and less reaction from the chassis when accelerating. That saves the tires. The standard shock absorber of the new RR is now further away from the engine and is therefore less exposed to heat. In addition, a larger damper piston improves damping in all riding situations.  

Standard seat and special equipment: always firmly in the saddle.

When you look at the standard seat, you’ll immediately know that perfect feedback was the goal. This allows not only more freedom of movement, but also the perfect amount of contact with the motorcycle while riding. The standard seat height is 32.4” and the inner-leg curve is 71.9”.

In addition to the standard seat, there's also the optional M seat for the new RR. Its firmness and slip-resistant cover save power when accelerating or braking hard, and bring more stability to the bike. The M seat is part of the M Package. It is available in three seat heights (32 in, 32.4 in and 33.4 in) as a special accessory.

License plate bracket with lighting components: everything all in one and easily dismantled.

It's so fast to convert your RR from a cruising bike to a racing machine: the tail light integrated into the LED turn signals and the license plate light are both attached to the license plate bracket unit. The big advantage here is that in just a few simple steps you can remove the license plate bracket and lighting and be ready for the track in no time.

4 standard Ride Modes / Optional Race Pro 1-3 riding modes: a question of attitude.

Four Ride Modes are standard with the RR: RAIN, ROAD, DYNAMIC and RACE. All four are perfectly tailored to the respective conditions and provide more performance or more stability and safety, as desired. Racers, in particular, get their money's worth with the special Ride Modes Pro option. The additional RACE Pro 1, RACE Pro 2 and RACE Pro 3 modes can be individually adapted to Engine (throttle), Engine Brake, Traction Control (DTC), Wheelie-Control (DTC), ABS and ABS Pro - so that you can achieve the best possible performance on every track.

Technology made for maximum performance in every situation.

The RR is a technical high-flyer with road grip: The four standard modes RAIN, ROAD, DYNAMIC and RACE already cover numerous riding styles in a variety of conditions. Optional Ride Modes Pro mode lays the racing world at your feet with the three additional modes RACE Pro 1, RACE Pro 2 and RACE Pro 3, with Launch Control, Pitlane Limiter, HSC Pro (Hill Start Control Pro) and DBC (Dynamic Brake Control). With the multi-controller you can configure the following settings via the full-color 6.5" TFT display: the throttle response incl. engine characteristics, the engine braking torque, the traction control (DTC) incl. wheelie control, ABS and DDC (Dynamic Damping Control). And with the push of a button you can adjust the settings while riding via DTC +/- Shift. Thanks to the latest 6-axis sensor technology and torque precontrol, DTC support is particularly smooth and powerful, and performs no matter the gear, speed and inclination.

With the next-generation DTC, you get more efficient, powerful and safer traction control and thus even more forward momentum.

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More stability and better force application.

More stability and better force application.

The newest version RR has, as the only street-legal standard superbike, an aluminum undercarriage, which had previously only been used on the racing scene. The 0.66 lb lighter weight significantly reduces the unsprung mass and results in significantly less reaction from the chassis when accelerating. In addition, the shock absorber, which can be adjusted in terms of tension and rebound as well as the suspension, is installed farther away from the engine and is thus less exposed to heat. This has significant advantages for the shock absorber. By changing the strut ratio from 1.9:1 to 1.65:1 and having a larger damper piston, a smaller spring rate was able to be selected. This friction minimization increases comfort and performance since the power build-up in the strut occurs quickly and accurately. The entire system is thus much gentler on the tires.

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Perfect damping on all routes.

Perfect damping on all routes.

Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) showcases a recently developed control philosophy of the electronic chassis and mechanical damping component. Regardless of whether you're on a country road or the track - the electronic valve always provides the maximum damping, depending on the riding mode and purpose. It is now parallel to the mechanical valve. If necessary, the damping is reduced or increased in 10 milliseconds via this bypass line. The anodized floating piston rod is extremely sensitive. If required, the Shim Package can also be adapted by chassis specialists.

The fork is also controlled by means of a linear position sensor with DDC. Damping is regulated here globally and in traction and compression stages. The suspension can be manually varied as needed.


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Performance you can see.

The RR doesn't shy away from a challenge. This is not only evident from its sporty design, but also the technology that's inside.



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