The M RR

Born on the racetrack

Pure performance and a constant drive to squeeze out every last millisecond: you will feel the motorsport genes of the M RR on every lap. Because the M RR was designed and built as the basis for motorsports. This racing technology and the relationship with WorldSBK bikes can be seen in every detail.  

With M Competition package

Eyes for the exceptional

With the M RR, reinforce your commitment to high performance and your passion for motorsports technology. Select M billet pack and M Carbon parts underline the irresistible, sporty look. The special texture and processing style of the parts make the uncompromising performance almost tangible. And they show: The fun part about getting your best time is striving for it.  

M billet parts

The M billet parts emphasizes the sporty character of the bike with high-quality components and exclusive M branding. The anodized aluminum billet parts, folding clutch and handbrake lever, M brake lever guard, M rider footrest system, and M engine protectors enhance the connection between rider and machine.

M Carbon parts

The M Carbon parts emphasize the bike’s sporty aspirations and help provide a high-quality look.

Anodized aluminum swing arm, silver

The anodized aluminum swing arm is 7.8 oz lighter than the standard swing arm and provides an elegant look.

M Endurance chain

More performance at the rear wheel: The M Endurance chain with DLC-coated rollers impoves effiency because of its low friction design and requires less maintenance.

Passenger kit and rear seat cover

Double the riding enjoyment: The Passenger kit option from BMW Motorrad gives that race feel for two with its passenger seat bench and matching passenger footrests.

The shapely passenger seat cover, which is also available, is made of shockproof and UV-resistant plastic to ensure a sporty look when riding alone on the street.

M lap trigger enabling code

The M lap trigger for the racetrack makes it possible to automatically record lap times when coupled with the available M GPS data logger. 

For aspiring racers

As personal as your lap time

Part for part, one part closer to the racetrack. Your will to win manifests in every last detail. Put together your very own M RR according to your own tastes, riding style, and needs with the M Performance parts and other accessories. Because you know best what you need and where your challenges are.

M seat high and low

The M seat, high or low, was designed for the racetrack and offers grip and additional support when riding fast.

M oil filler neck

The look of the M oil filler neck made of black anodized aluminum with white lasered M logo gives a sporty accent. The cover is equipped with three holes, which provides protection from opening on the racetrack.

Tinted windscreen

The tinted windscreen underpins the sporty look of the motorcycle. With scratch-resistant coating for transparency.

M remote adjuster for brakes

The M remote adjuster was specially developed for the racetrack and can be used to easily and remotely adjust the brake pressure point during travel.

Knee pads for tank

The self-adhesive knee pads for the tank improve the rider's hold on the motorcycle and protect the sides of the tank from wear.

For the racetrack

Lap for lap

Only one time counts, as far as you are concerned: your best time. Here there are no compromises. You demand everything of yourself and from your bike. The M RR was developed precisely for this. It can be made ready for use on a racetrack with just a few hand movements.

Please note that some parts are not permitted on public roads and can only be used on the racetrack.

M data logger incl. GPS lap trigger*

The M data logger makes it possible to automatically record lap times thanks to the pre-defined start and finish lines on more than 300 racetracks worldwide. An additional 80 riding parameters are also recorded and stored on an USB stick. This lets you analyze and optimize your personal best time, curve for curve.

*Race only. Only for use on the racetrack. Not permitted for use on public roads.

M cover kit*

For those looking to make their bike fit for the racetrack, the license plate holder is just as unnecessary as the mirrors. This high-quality M cover kit from BMW Motorrad easily covers the openings on the body as a result of disassembly from removal of the license plate holder, mirrors, turn signals and brake lights. And the front trim panel can be put perfectly back in place.

*Race only. Only for use on the racetrack. Not permitted for use on public roads.

Radiator grille

The BMW Motorrad radiator grille provides secure protection to the radiator from tire abrasion and damage from stone chips when on the racetrack.

M tire heater

The M tire heaters bring both street-legal Sport tires as well as slicks to the perfect operating temperature. This not only increases the service life of the tires, but also their grip and pace. For maximum enjoyment from the very first lap.

To operate the M tire heater, an assembly stand and assembly stand mounts are also necessary.

You decide where the pit lane begins

Motorcycle carpet

Motorcycle carpet

An exclusive spot for your own bike: The motorcycle carpet not only has an appealing design, it also protects the ground from messes like flecks of oil and gas. Another bonus is the slip-resistant and fire-retardant material it is made of. The practical pad is also cut generously at 98.5" x 41.4". 

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Sport assembly stand with M assembly stand mounts

Sport assembly stand with M assembly stand mounts

The Sport assembly stand makes it quick and easy to lift up your bike off the ground.

The milled and double anodized M chain tensioner with aluminum assembly stand mount gives the bike an especially sporty look.

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Create your own M RR

Whether for the racetrack or the road. Turn the M RR into your individual M RR.

Build Your Own