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European model shown.

European model shown.

The new BMW R nine T /5.


The BMW R nineT /5 was developed for the 50 year anniversary and as an homage to the legendary /5 series from the late 60s and early 70s. The R nineT /5 perfectly exemplifies the design of that time while also delivering modern innovative technology and quality. Reminiscent of that era, this bike stands for an attitude towards life that was born in those times and now guides you along every mile and around every curve: Riding motorcycles as an expression of individual freedom. Or, as we refer to it today: Make Life a Ride.

Distinctive wheels.
Close-up of the spokes in aluminium silver
Transmission and engine including manifold.
Close-up of the engine and of the chrome-plated manifold.
Traditional paintwork.
Tank paintwork with smoke effects and classic double lining.
Black gaiters.
Close-up of the true-to-style black gaiters.
Timeless seat.
Detail shot of the seat bench with Option 719 label and white edge stripping.
Oval chrome mirror.
Chrome-plated mirror in typical oval shape.
Classic exhaust.
Chrome-plated end silencer of the R nineT /5.
Limited edition badge.
Limited edition badge as an indication of the special model.

The R nineT /5 shows what retro design looks like when it isn’t from yesterday. Succinct highlights add additional accents that supplement the R nineT family’s distinctive appearance. The high-quality paintwork with smoke effects, the fork with silver dip tube and black gaiters, the seat together with the decorative chrome and white leather, and, of course, every other design element, chosen with care and an eye to the past, prove: The design of the R nineT /5 is classic. It is not artificial or trendy, it stands for the love of motorcycles and the lifestyle of the early 70s.

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production of the /5 series begins
production of the exclusive R nineT /5 begins
cc displacement, R 75/5 opposed-twin engine
cc displacement, R nineT /5 two-cylinder opposed-twin engine
Air/oil-cooled, four-stroke twin-cylinder boxer engine

The powerful air-cooled, two-cylinder opposed-twin engine of the BMW R nineT /5 boasts a displacement of 1170 cc and an output of 110 hp for a highly dynamic power delivery, even at low speeds. Thanks to the standard BMW Motorrad ABS, the ASC Automatic Stability Control, and the heated grips that also come standard, you always have this dynamism securely under control. Supported by modern technology, the R nineT /5 continues the ideas of individuality and freedom born in the 70s.

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Experience the sound of the R nine T /5.

Show your #Wunderbike.

Your own boxer.

Test out the R nineT /5.

50 years ago, riding motorcycles became an expression of individual freedom with the /5 series. Test out the R nineT /5 and experience this feeling from the very first time you hit the gas. Experience every curve and every flat stretch like you always wanted to. The R nineT /5 stands for limitless riding enjoyment.

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Boxer power meets flower power.

The /5 series was a completely new development at the time. The introduction of an electric starter and, for the first time, constant pressure carburettors to the top-of-the-line R75 /5. The broad color palette were the technical and visual highlights of the series had permanently changed this type of mobility. The radical changes of that era extended to all areas of life. Bikers quickly turned the much-touted free love into a love of freedom. Riding motorcycles finally became what it is: an attitude on life. It included sportiness, design, prestige, and individuality. Exemplified by the style icons during that time and lived out on machines with the /5 logo.

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Berlin - always something new.

Berlin - always something new.

The production site opened up new territory at the end of the 1960s: 400 specialist employees worked on the /5 legend at the Spandau factory in Berlin, instead of Munich. Daily production began in 1969 with 30 vehicles. One year later, annual production amounted to 12,287 vehicles. By the time the legendary series was discontinued in 1973, 68,956 bikes in total had left the factory. By producing the /5 series here, BMW Motorrad left its very special mark of individuality and freedom in the then divided Berlin.

Individuality is still written large at the Berlin plant today. Within the Option 719 range, you will find special equipment in matching style like exclusive milled part sets or high-quality forged wheels, which you can order directly from the factory.

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