Customizing Inspiration One

Design and presence

Machined aluminum parts of the “2-Tone-Black” design collection have been designed in collaboration with Roland Sands Design. Their black surfaces have been anodized twice. Matte and glossy surfaces result in a look that is as exciting as it is exclusive. Tinted wind deflectors, the black rear silencer and black LED mini flashing turn indicators complete this look down to the very last detail.

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2-Tone-Black engine housing cover

The high-grade 2-Tone-Black engine housing cover made of machined aluminum impressively stages the boxer engine.

2-Tone-Black front expansion tank cover

The 2-Tone-Black aluminum covers for the front expansion tank represent striking design highlights.

Black LED mini flashing turn indicator at the front

Black LED mini flashing turn indicators at the front with a powerful light output help the motorcycle make a minimalistic impression thanks to their compact design.

2-Tone-Black 3.00x19” front wheel
+ 2-Tone-Black 5.00x16” rear wheel

Allow us to introduce the high-quality 2-Tone-Black aluminum front and rear wheel with exclusive Bicolor appearance and elaborate contrast machining.

Round rear silencers in black

The Round rear silencers emphasize the boxer sound and make every ride a visual and audible experience.

2-Tone-Black cylinder head cover

The high-grade 2-Tone-Black cylinder head covers made of machined aluminum perfectly stage the boxer engine.

2-Tone-Black rider’s floorboards

Aluminum 2-Tone-Black rider’s floorboards are the solution with confident style when it’s about casual, relaxed cruising.

Tinted wind deflector

The tinted wind deflector creates a pure riding experience.

Customizing Inspiration Two

Extravagant and resounding

The Option 719 Galaxy Dust Metallic/Titan Silver 2 Metallic paintwork seems to never stop changing. Depending on the angle the paintwork impressively varies between violet and turquoise blue. Firmly holding the tall bagger handlebars you will be making the most of the comfortable ride on the heated Option 719 seat, enjoying the impressive landscape and breeze behind the masked bagger windscreen. In addition to the Big Boxer and the chrome-plated rear silencer the Marshall Gold Series 2 with its 180 watt amp delivers the sound to really send your imagination racing.

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Option 719 Galaxy Dust Metallic/Titan Silver 2 Metallic

The Option 719 Galaxy Dust Metallic/Titan Silver 2 metallic effect paint marks a contrast to the otherwise traditional color scheme.

Option 719 seat

The black Option 719 seat in standard seat height with diamond stitching stands out with its sophisticated looks.

Marshall Gold Series 2

The Marshall Gold Series 2 enhances the standard audio system by two subwoofers in the cases on the sides and two speakers in the topcase. The setup also features speakers at the front.

Chrome-plated Round rear silencers

The Round rear silencers emphasize the boxer sound and make every ride a visual and audible experience.

Masked bagger windscreen

The masked windscreen combines the cool customized look with moderate degrees of protection from the elements.

Customizing Inspiration Three

Style and comfort

Option 719 AERO Design package components make your R 18 Transcontinental consistent by being inspired by the streamlined look of the 1920s and 1930s. The package is complemented by the masked Transcontinental windscreen and the black end caps for the rear silencers. In contrast, LED turn indicators, adaptive headlight, central locking system and reverse assist make one thing very clear: times have moved on here. In truth, history meets cutting-edge motorcycling technology with all its comforts and convenience.


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Manhattan Metallic Matte

Manhattan Metallic Matte paint lends the motorcycle an elegant, yet expressive appearance.

Option 719 Aero Design package

The Option 719 Aero billet pack is reminiscent of the unmistakable 1930s streamlined look.

Option 719 Aero wheel

The silver Option 719 Aero wheel lends the motorcycle an individual touch.

LED flashing turn indicators at the front

LED flashing turn indicators in a black metal housing are a genuine high-end product, characterized by their minimalistic design.

Adaptive headlight

The adaptive headlight provides significantly better illumination of the road when cornering.

Central locking system

The central locking system locks the cases when you lock the motorcycle.


Reverse assist makes maneuvering and leaving parking spaces easier, for instance on uneven surfaces and in tight spaces.

Your R 18 Transcontinental, your tour

You know best where to head to: configure your R 18 Transcontinental.

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