The sprinter

European model shown. Tinted windscreen not available in U.S.A. 

The ideal line with every curve.

Are you uncompromising and fight for the ideal line with every foot? This version of the S 1000 XR stands for concentrated performance. The friction-optimized M Endurance chain delivers even more power on the rear wheel and the titanium sports silencer provides the matching soundtrack. Visually, the paint, combined with the short windscreen, sets a new record – and you’re all set to tackle the next curve.

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M forged wheels

The high-grade M forged wheel that has proven its worth in races has been anodized in black and features a thicker brake disc with angle valve.

Sport windscreen

The Sport windscreen features scratch-resistant coating and tangibly relieves the upper body from the pressure of the wind.

M Endurance chain

The M Endurance chain with DLC-coated rollers is characterized by low friction and less maintenance demands.

Sports silencer

The titanium sports silencer with a carbon-fiber cap generates an impressive, rich sound, making a clear visual and audible statement in favor of racing.

M Sport seat

The M Sport seat has been designed for race tracks, offering more grip and more support for sporty riding.

M Lightweight battery

The M Lightweight battery features cutting-edge lithium-ion technology. Weighing a mere 3 lbs it is no less than 4 lbs lighter than the standard battery.

The comering champion

Best time, your time, better time.

Do you see a straightway as just a break until the next curve? Then you are in the right place with this XR including optional M forged-alloy wheels. Together with the Carbon package and the M Lightweight battery, you can even achieve a sporty 492 lbs – roadworthy, mind you.

And with our exclusive M Performance Parts, you can make your own unmistakable, exclusive, sporty design.


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Dynamic ESA Pro

Dynamic ESA Pro (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) provides a second suspension mode as well as automatic riding position compensation. The ROAD mode offers even greater kingpin allocation than standard, with a focus on comfort. The additional DYNAMIC mode raises the athletic abilities of the XR to a new level.

Shift Assist Pro

The Shift Assist Pro enables the rider to quickly upshift and downshift in almost all load and engine speed ranges without operating the clutch. Thus, the assistant ensures noticeably reduced shift times, a relief of the clutch hand and thus increased comfort, dynamics and riding pleasure.    

M forged-alloy wheels

The black anodised M forged-alloy wheels reduce gyroscopic forces, thus increasing agility. With 5 mm brake pads, they offer our highest braking performance. 

Carbon package

The high-quality Carbon package emphasizes the sporty quality of the adventure sport bike and supercharges its dynamic look. This package includes the front and rear wheel covers, the integrated chain guard, and the side cladding. The add-on components here create noble as well as sporty accents with high-tech aspirations.    

Adaptive cornering light

The adaptive cornering light helps ensure significantly improved illumination of the roadway when riding around curves. The cornering lights of the Headlight Pro system trigger at inclines of 10°. In doing so, the low beam shines into the curve and provides the rider with considerable gains in terms of visibility.    

The mile maker

No destination is too far.

Do you make the very most of the long-distance performance of the S 1000 XR? Then this XR is exactly the bike for you. From the cruise control to the heated grips to the main stand you have everything you need to make your longer rides comfortable. And thanks to the Tour case, you also have enough space for your luggage. 

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Touring case

The high-quality, hard-shell touring case, at approx. 30 liters in volume, provides ample space for luggage or a motorcycle helmet. The waterproof cases with black body are lockable and the perfect travel companion for short or longer tours.

Luggage carrier and top case

Versatile, simple, and suitable for touring and everyday use: The top case is easy to install and secure on the luggage carrier with integrated top case holder detachment.   

M Carbon engine guard

The high-quality M Carbon engine guard is as strong as steel but weighs just 1.3 lbs per side. This material allows for a slim design that is integrated into the vehicle and has an aerodynamic cross section. This unique high-tech component combines a sporty look with excellent protection without affecting the bike’s look or ability to bank.    

Tire Pressure Monitor (TPM)

The Tire Pressure Monitor (TPMM) provides information about the current tire pressure and informs the rider of potential dangers early in case of pressure loss. The values can be called up via the cockpit display. A yellow tail lamp and a red warning light automatically indicate a relevant deviation from the setpoints while riding. 

Comfort seat

The Comfort seat provides the rider with noticeably improved sitting comfort thanks to the 1/3" extra padding. At the same time, the pillion seat has a wider foam contour. The Heat Reflect cover material, which reduces the surface temperature in direct sunlight by up to 27° F, is especially sophisticated.

Center stand

The center stand ensures that the bike is standing securely and offers advantages such as when refueling, loading and unloading the case or during maintenance work. In addition, the tires and the spring elements are given a rest for prolonged periods of immobilization.    

The scenery hunter

In the city's mirror.

Do you love rows of houses, narrow alleys, bustling squares? Then this S 1000 XR is exactly the thing for you. Thanks to the Headlight Pro and the auxiliary headlights, you are sure to see and be seen. Keyless Ride ensures convenience for every ride. 


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Headlight Pro

With Headlight Pro, the headlight has an iconic lighting element. In connection with the adaptive cornering light, this improves the rider’s ability to see and be seen.  

Auxiliary headlights

The high-intensity LED auxiliary headlights in the aluminum housing, thanks to their distinctive look, differentiate your bike from cars on first glance. At the same time, they help ensure better illumination of the road with their daylight-like light color. The LED technology ensures almost wear-free operation.    

Keyless Ride

With Keyless Ride, from now on the key stays in your pocket. Because the keyless system is extremely convenient and lets the rider start their machine simply with the press of a button. The steering lock and fuel cap can also be unlocked this way. So the motto is: simply climb aboard and ride off!    

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