The explorer

Equipped for any terrain

Do you love exploring new terrain and want to get the most out of your bike? The GS Trophy version of the R 1250 GS is made for you. The Gravity Blue Metallic paint attracts fans of the International GS Trophy. It boasts a Rallye seat for tough Enduro use so that you don't underestimate the endurance of your bike. Cross-spoked wheels with high-gloss stainless steel spokes lend it an unmistakable off-road look. The Enduro footrests offer more support and non-slip stability when riding off-road standing up. Evident at a glance: you can ask anything of this bike.

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Rallye seat

The Rallye seat emphasizes the striking off-road look of the bike and, thanks to firmer padding and shorter inner leg curves, it offers freedom of movement – perfect for ambitious off-road use.

Cross-spoked wheels

The off-road cross-spoked wheels with high-gloss stainless steel spokes perfectly round off the off-road look.

Enduro aluminum engine guard

This sturdy Enduro aluminum engine guard was specially constructed for off-road use and provides optimal protection for the lower section of the engine.

Enduro footrests

The Enduro footrests give you more support on off-road stints thanks to their wider and longer foot supports. They offer particularly high non-slip characteristics, giving you confidence while riding standing up. Overall, you will experience vehicle control without impairing the operability of the gearshift and footbrake lever.

The Mile-maker

Comfort for every mile

For you, the destination is the journey; every turn on the accelerator is pure anticipation of the next miles. The R 1250 GS including the touring and comfort package is exactly your machine. Its extensive LED lighting technology brings light into every darkness and its heated seats provide you with pleasant warmth on long tours. The Vario topcase and the Vario cases for both sides offer plenty of storage space - your luggage will find plenty of room here. And thanks to the reliable navigator, your tours on unknown routes will be even easier and more relaxed.

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LED lighting technology

Adaptive headlights

The adaptive cornering light helps ensure significantly improved illumination of the roadway when riding around curves.

Multifunctional indicator lamps

The LED multifunctional indicator lamps can emit yellow flashing light and red brake or rear lights simultaneously.

LED additional headlights

The powerful LED additional headlights provide even better visibility in poor lighting conditions.

Seat heating

The seat heating, which can be regulated separately for the rider and passenger, offers added comfort and unlimited riding pleasure even in the cooler seasons.

Option 719 billet pack Storm II

The Storm II billet pack of the exclusive Option 719 sets design accents with high-quality components in a silver-grey rough look.


Vario topcase with topcase carrier and backrest pad

The water-tight Vario topcase with patented two-level adjustment mechanism offers a variable capacity from 25 to 35 liters. The topcase carrier is used to securely attach the Vario topcase and, with the backrest pad for the Vario topcase, the passenger enjoys more comfort both on short trips and on long tours.

Vario case

The Vario case with patented adjustment mechanism offers a variable volume from 30 to 39 liters on the left and from 20 to 29 liters on the right.

Navigator VI

The Navigator VI is not just for touring fans. The system offers a wealth of additional functions in addition to providing perfect navigation.

The off-road traveler

European model shown. Exhaust and tinted windscreen accessories not available in the U.S.A.

Off up the gravel road

Get off the beaten track: The R 1250 GS is your partner for demanding off-road use. In sporty rally style, it has everything you need for your adventures. The rally windscreen highlights its striking design. Thanks to the aluminum Enduro engine guard and cylinder-head cover plate, there need not be any limits to your adventurous spirit.

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Style Rallye

The Style Rallye underlines the sporty potential of the touring enduro

Engine guard

Enduro aluminum engine guard

This sturdy Enduro aluminum engine guard was specially constructed for off-road use and provides optimal protection for the lower section of the engine.

Cylinder-head cover guard

The cylinder-head cover guard made of anodized aluminum protects the cylinder head from damage and gives the motorbike a more attractive appearance.


Aluminum topcase

The robust aluminum topcase, with a volume of 32 liters, offers space for a helmet and impresses even under extreme conditions.

Aluminum case incl. case holder

The robust aluminum case provides 36 liters of storage space on the right and 44 liters on the left. You will be convinced of its utility, even under extreme conditions. The sturdy case holder on both sides made of polished stainless steel allows for easy and secure attachment of the touring case.

Increased volume aluminum case set, 40 Years GS limited edition

The increased volume aluminum case set expands the case’s volume by 13.5 liters of luggage space per side for a total volume increase of 27 liters.

The Elegant

European model shown. Tinted windscreen not available in the U.S.A.

Stylish in all facets

For an exclusive appearance: The R 1250 GS in Style Triple Black comes with glossy and matte details - and lets the color black shine in all its facets. Its LED lighting technology not only illuminates its silhouette, but also gives you a full view in all light. The black cross-spoke rims, tinted windscreen and high-quality Option 719 billet aluminum parts in black and silver provide a striking look and elegant finish.

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Style Triple Black

In the Style TripleBlack, the touring enduro has a muted, elegant appearance.

Lighting package

The lighting package includes Headlight Pro with adaptive headlight at the front and multifunctional indicator lamps at the rear.

Option 719 billet pack Shadow and Shadow II

The Option 719 billet pack Shadow emphasizes the sporty character of the motorcycle with its high-quality aluminum components in black/silver.

Enduro aluminum engine guard, black

The robust and lightweight Enduro engine guard made of black coated aluminum protects against stone chips and damage, especially when used off-road.

Radiator cowls "Style" black

The “Style” radiator cowls made of stainless steel are coated black and underline the dynamic character of the machine.

Design your R 1250 GS

From the paint to the original BMW Motorrad equipment – in the configurator, you can put together your individual dream bike.

Build Your Own