The challenger

European model shown. U.S. model only available with clear windscreen.

Fully trimmed for off-roading

Do you like going off the beaten track? Then choose the F 850 GS Rallye. Conquer gravel and dirt tracks with the off-road tires, enduro aluminum engine guard and headlight guard. Off-road riding while standing is no problem with the high handlebars and enduro footrests, while the adjustable gearshift lever and adjustable footbrake lever help you have your machine under control. Ride Modes Pro and Dynamic ESA mean that you effortlessly handle any terrain – and with Shift Assistant Pro you can shift gears in a hurry without the need for a clutch.

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Off-road basics

Off-road tires

The off-road potential of the motorcycle can be fully exploited with the off-road tire option.


Enduro aluminum engine guard

This sturdy Enduro aluminum engine guard was specially constructed for off-road use and provides optimal protection for the lower section of the engine.


Headlight guard

The headlight guard, which has been approved for off-road use, is simply plugged in and effectively protects the headlight from damage in off-road conditions.

Dynamic ESA

Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) automatically adjusts the damping action of the spring strut based on the riding conditions.

Ride Modes Pro

With the Ride Modes Pro , the throttle response and control systems of the machine can be easily adapted to different road situations.

Shift Assist Pro

The Pro Gear Shift Assistant enables comfortable gear shifts without using the clutch.

High handlebars

The 1/2" higher handlebars make both seated and standing positions comfortable, ensuring noticeably improved handling of the bike when off road.

Enduro footrests

The wider and longer enduro footrests provide more hold and make it easier to control the vehicle on rough terrain.

Ergonomic adjustment

Adjustable footbrake lever

The height-adjustable footbrake lever has a wider pedal and patented flap mechanism.


Adjustable gear lever

The gear lever with adjustable pedal offers even better operation, particularly when riding off-road in standing position.

The explorer

Ready for new adventures

Do you always want to discover new things? Then the F 850 GS in Racing Red with the “New Ways” decor sticker set is perfect for you, unmistakably showing that you are breaking new ground. Store your equipment in the Vario cases and the Vario topcase, strap them onto the luggage rack and head off. The Navigator makes sure that you always know where to go and a convenient cruise control system lets you enjoy every moment of your journey. A clear touring windscreen and LED additional headlights give you a clear view in any weather. 

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Cruise control

The electronic cruise control can be activated beyond 20 mph and keeps the riding speed constant.



Luggage rack with case holder

The luggage rack with case holder replaces the standard luggage carrier and allows you to mount the Vario luggage system.


Vario case

On the left, the water-tight Vario case with patented adjustment mechanism offers a variable capacity from 30 to 39 liters. On the right, it offers a variable capacity of 20 to 29 liters.


Vario topcase

The water-tight Vario topcase with patented adjustment mechanism offers a variable capacity from 25 to 35 liters.


Topcase holder

You can mount the topcase or other large items of luggage reliably on the stable luggage carrier with its attractive design.


Vario topcase backrest pad

The backrest pad for the Vario topcase offers added comfort for the passenger both on short trips and on long tours.

Wind-weather protection

Clear touring windscreen

The touring windscreen has a scratch-resistant coating on both sides and its elevated design means that it offers wind and weather protection for the rider and passenger.


Navigation assembly

The navigation assembly includes the multi-controller, a holder and the mount cradle on the handlebar clamp.


Navigator VI

The Navigator VI is not just for touring fans. The system offers a wealth of additional functions in addition to providing accurate navigation.

“New Ways” decor sticker

The “New Ways” decor sticker set is perfectly tailored to the machine and creates an attractive, unique look.


LED additional headlights

The powerful LED additional headlights provide even better visibility in poor lighting conditions.

Design your individual F 850 GS

Draw on the wide range of optional extras and original BMW Motorrad accessories to individualize your motorbike according to your own preferences.

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