Ambitious spirit

European model shown. U.S. model only available with clear windscreen.

Sportiness meets protection and comfort

Have you been consumed by GS fever and can’t think of anything but your next adventure? Combine the BMW F 750 GS in the San Marino Blue Style Sport with our smart connectivity system and the LED headlight for visibility on the road into the unknown. Dynamic ESA, Ride Modes Pro and adjustable footbrake lever provide an unparalleled feeling of confidence while riding. The sporty look is rounded off by the sport silencer.

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BMW Motorrad Connectivity


BMW Motorrad Connectivity offers innovative functions for navigating, calling and listening to music on your motorcycle on a 6.5” TFT display.


Dynamic ESA

Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) automatically adjusts the damping action of the suspension strut based on the riding conditions.

Ride Modes Pro

With the Pro riding modes, the throttle and control systems of the machine can be easily adapted to different road situations.

LED headlights

The iconic light guides create a distinctive presence and visibility.


Sports silencer

The sports silencer, made from titanium and with a carbon end cap, delivers robust sound and turns every ride into a visual and acoustic experience.

Adjustable rider foot rests

 The spring-loaded rider footrests are adjustable in three positions and provide maximum on-off and off-road comfort and sure-footedness.

The adventurous

Easy to tame

The BMW F 750 GS in Light White Non-metallic is made for adventure. Adjust the machine ergonomically to your personal build with the “extra low” seat positioning and the adjustable footbrake lever and gear lever. The engine protection bars protect the engine from damage during cornering and the decorative decal set shows that you are enjoying your new-found freedom to the max.

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Extra low seat

The low, one-piece seat with decorative stitching is generously padded and offers outstanding comfort for the driver and passenger on tours.

Shift Assist Pro

The Pro shift assistant enables comfortable gear shifts without using the clutch.

Decorative decal set

The decorative decal set is perfectly tailored to the machine and creates an attractive, unique look.


Ergonomic adjustment

Adjustable footbrake lever

The height-adjustable footbrake lever has a wider pedal and patented flap mechanism.


Adjustable gear lever

The gear lever with adjustable pedal offers even better operation, particularly when riding off-road in standing position.

Engine protection bar left and right

The engine protection bar made from stainless steel protects the area around the cylinder from damage without restricting the tilt angle.

Design your individual F 750 GS

Choose from the wide range of special equipment and original BWM Motorrad accessories and individualize your motorbike according to your own preferences.

Build Your Own