GS Trophy 2024 U.S.A. National Qualifiers

for the International GS Trophy 2024 in Namibia
12 - Oct 15, 2023
Spartanburg, SC, United States

Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to Namibia

The venue of the Int. GS Trophy 2024 has been announced: The event will take us to Namibia. Participants can look forward to picturesque landscapes, a vast variety of wild animals, crimson sunsets and an overwhelming, starry night sky. We are already looking forward to this great country and its welcoming locals. However, first, the best enduro riders must demonstrate their skills at national and regional qualifiers. The best can look forward to a place in one of the 22 national teams – and with it a ticket to Namibia.

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The countdown has started

There's still some time until the official launch of the Int. GS Trophy 2024. National and regional qualifiers will give us a taste for the real thing. There are 15 national and regional qualifiers worldwide, as well as an international qualifier, where experienced enduro riders will be able to show off their skills.  Note, U.S. residents will only be eligible for the U.S.A. National Qualifiers and not be eligible for the international qualifiers, which is for markets that do not have national qualifiers. 

Those riders managing to come out top in navigation exercises involving GPS, off-road riding or technical tests will secure a place in one of the 22 national teams. Ladies’ teams prevailing at national level will win a trip to the international ladies qualifier. A total of 6 ladies’ teams will be determined at this event and they will join the 16 men’s teams boarding the coveted flight to Namibia.

See below to learn more about the U.S.A. National Quailifier details, rules and registration.  Registration is now open. 

U.S.A. National Qualifiers

For the 2024 International GS Trophy

For the 2024 International GS Trophy

Compete for a position on Team U.S.A.  The U.S.A. National Qualifiers for the 2024 International GS Trophy will be in Spartanburg, South Carolina at the BMW Performance Center. 

Start planning your training and get ready for a trip to the BMW Performance Center to showcase your skills. 




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U.S.A. National Qualifier Schedule

U.S.A. National Qualifier Schedule

  • Arrivals, Check In & Orientation - Thursday, October 12th 
  • Competition - Friday - Saturday, October 13th-14th
  • Departures - Sunday, October 15th

On Saturday evening, October 14th the 3 male finalists will be announced for Team U.S.A. who will represent the U.S. at the final event in Namibia in 2024 and the two female finalists who will represent the U.S. at the female International Qualifier Event. More details about the Women's International Qualifier date an location to be announced soon.

Mark your calendar and get training soon! 

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International GS Trophy 2024 – Qualifier U.S.A.

International GS Trophy 2024 – Qualifier U.S.A.

Competition Rules and Terms of Entry
  • Competitors and Participants are required to hold a valid riding license (at the time of the qualifier).
  • Competitors must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.A.
  • Competitors must prove the ownership of a BMW motorcycle.
  • Every competitor and participant needs to take part in th GS Trophy Qualifier with a BMW Motorrad GS Model** in technical good condition.
  • A borrowed or rental motorcycle may be used in the qualifier provided the competitor/participant and the motorcycle meet the other criteria.
  • All riders must wear the following gear during the competition: DOT Helmet – with eye protection, Motorcycle suit (jacket and pants) with appropriate protection in the following areas: back, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Riders may wear a jersey in place of a jacket if they have a protection jacket under an lower protection with hip and knee coverage. NOTE: Gear will be checked during the comptition. If a rider is found to be riding withou the required gear, the rider will receive penalty points and/or be disqualified. 
  • All competitors and participants will be required to complete the necessary waiver forms onsite prior to the event starting. This will include general liability waiver and media release.

As part of the final stage of the Qualifier competition, riders will be required to ride a BMW-provided R 1250 GS. 

During this final stage - the provided R 1250 GS will be set up as follows

  • Enduro Pro Mode
  • Enduro ABS ON
  • Traction Control OFF
  • Tire Pressure 30 psi (front and rear)
  • Seat adjustment or replacement with BMW OEM alternatives only.
  • Control adjustments not requiring the use of tools are allowed.

For this section of the qualifier, the following are NOT allowed on this motorcycle:

  • Repositioning of handlebars, pegs, levers and controls requiring tools or aftermarket replacement parts.
  • Removal of windscreen and other items
  • Changes to tire pressures
  • And other elements not specified as allowed during the preparation of the obstacle.

Riding behavior which shall be avoided while riding the BMW provided GS at the risk of penalty points and/or disqualification:

  • Unnecessary revving
  • Gratuitous drops or crashing of the motorcycle, beyond what is reasonable as the result of a tip-over or fall
  • Allowing the motorcycle to idle or rev while on its side
  • Intentionally riding the motorcycle off course
  • Riding the motorcycle in a way that causes harm to oneself or others and the motorcycle
  • Unnecessary or excessive speed

The following are encouraged to participate in the Int. GS Trophy 2024 qualifier, but are ineligible to advance to the final event:

  • Members of previous International GS Trophy teams
  • BMW Employees
  • Owners of a BMW dealership
  • Professional Instructors of any level – including those who have or currently host, market, and/or participate as an instructor in off-road training courses, either for BMW Motorrad and BMW official partners, or any other entity.
  • Holders of AMA/FIM professional competition licenses.
  • Certified BMW IIA/ITA Academy Graduates and Brand Experts

**Motorcycles eligible for competition at the Qualifier:

  • G 310 GS
  • G 650 GS / G 650 GS Sertao
  • F 650 GS
  • F 700 GS / F 750 GS
  • F 800 GS / F 850 GS / F 850 GSA
  • R 1100 GS / R 1150 GS
  • R 1200 GS / R 1200 GSA
  • R 1250 GS / R 1250 GSA
  • HP2 Enduro

Please note that if you, or your bike, are not eligible based on the outlined terms above, you are more than welcome to participate in the Qualifier however you will not be eligible for advancing to the International GS Trophy.


Registration is not opened yet. When it is opened, we will add a link directly to the registration page. 

While you are waiting, you can get started training by visiting the BMW U.S. Rider Academy. 

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Compete for Your Chance To Represent Team U.S.A. in Namibia