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Actor Daniel Roesner loves adrenaline. A life with bikes, boats and boards.

He's the hero of the motorway and BMW Motorrad brand ambassador at the same time: Actor Daniel Roesner, best known for his role as Chief Inspector Paul Renner in the German TV series "Alarm for Cobra 11", needs a lot of action and adrenaline in his life. Not surprisingly, he does most of his stunts himself. He hopes to add motorcycle stunts to the list. The perfect job for him.

Holding on tight: DCI Paul Renner puts his whole body into the act.

Explosions and fireballs, shoot-outs and wild chase scenes: Action and unadulterated thrills are the name of the game on Thursdays at 8:15 pm on RTL, when Detective Chief Inspector Paul Renner, aka Daniel Roesner, puts his whole body into the act. You'll see him jumping out of burning buildings, clinging to the bonnet of a moving car or even sitting behind the wheel himself, doing drifts with his patrol car. Daniel doesn't need a double. He does most of his stunts himself, except for dangerous scenes with overturning cars. He's a pretty unique actor in Germany, thanks to these special skills. There's still one thing he hasn't tried in his role as Paul Renner: spectacular scenes on a motorcycle. He's already approached the subject with TV network RTL and had some promising conversations.

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A self-taught stunt man

Always moving: Daniel doesn't stay glued to the saddle during the Custom Ride at Motorrad Days 2017 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

When it comes to stunts, Daniel is self-taught. He's always curious, always experimenting. Born in Wiesbaden in 1984 and raised in the countryside in the Hunsrück mountains, he would practice handbrake turns with his car at an early age. His driving style: pretty wild. Whether it's a car or a motorcycle. Two motorcycle accidents, which left him with broken bones and bruises, haven't deterred the actor from wanting to do some cool motorcycle stunts that he already has in mind. He'll be assisted by a crew that specialises in stunt scenes. Definitely necessary, since there have been shoots where two motorcyclists crashed into a car and landed on the roof. No matter what a stunt scene involves for Daniel, RTL and action concept, an independent film producer, give him a lot of freedom. One thing that won't be allowed: jumping off the motorcycle and letting it crash.

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The joys of riding the R nineT Racer.

Wheelies on green, stoppies on red.

Daniel is extremely inspired by stunt riders like Sarah Lezito and Mattie Griffin, who captivated spectators with their breathtaking shows at BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Wheelies, stoppies, drifts, standing on the seat – all tricks that he loves to do too. Sometimes even on public roads. "I'd actually like to learn more from a professional stunt rider". During his morning commute to acting school in Los Angeles, where Daniel studied from 2003 to 2004, he would do a wheelie at almost every green light and a stoppie at every red light. "You learn those tricks pretty fast when you do them every day". He wants to get better at drifts, which he can do extremely well off-road. On the road, his drifts still don't look that graceful.

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Jumping is part of the job: Daniel Roesner with his TV partner Erdogan Atalay.

Training on the film set.

Daniel did two and a half weeks of training with his stunt crew before shooting his first scene for Cobra. The actor learned all about car stunts, trained in skid-outs, practised and perfected his jumping skills – everything it takes to be a stunt man. Sarah Lezito and Mattie Griffin practice many hours every day. Daniel now rehearses on the set during shoots. The actor can instantly remember and perform most acrobatic scenes since he's in front of the camera all year round for Alarm for Cobra 11 (every day there's a stunt planned that requires several takes).

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In the mornings I'd often ride through the mud and then go to class completely covered in muck. "

Daniel Roesner

Fast and furious

Whether it's a Scrambler, Pure, Urban G/S or Racer, it has to be an R nineT.

Daniel has actually been riding motorcycles since he was eight years old. He would ride his dirt bike over every terrain imaginable, always fast and furious. At sixteen, he was riding a 125cc bike to school. "In the mornings I'd often ride through the mud and then go to class completely covered in muck". Daniel liked the image of James Dean: the wild guy who rode through the dirt and would show up at his destination looking dishevelled and in need of a shower. "For me, that's motorcycling. I need that freedom, and the wind in my face. When it rains, you feel it because you don't have a windscreen to protect you. You're closer to the elements on a motorcycle".

Not surprisingly, he owns an R nineT – a Pure. "I've totally fallen in love with this motorcycle". BMW Motorrad's turnaround with heritage bikes appealed to him immediately. He's been a fan of these bikes ever since. "It's such a fantastic style. There are so many cool bikes and custom builds". A must for him: hanging out with the customisers at the three-day BMW Motorrad Days event.

He enjoys taking long trips on his bike, sometimes even on motorways. He makes no secret of what he wants a bike to be: sporty, zippy and agile. "That's what I need, I like fast bikes".


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An actor upside down: Daniel surfs for even more thrills.

Straight from board to bike.

Motorcycles aren't the only way for Daniel to enjoy the feeling of freedom. He's also into recreational sports like surfing and wakeboarding. That's why combining water sports and motorcycling is so appealing to him. He'll go straight from the water to the motorcycle, sometimes even in wet clothes. "It's a challenge, and might be a little rough. But it makes me feel very alive". Daniel not only thrives on action and adrenaline. The water is also his element, the place he returns to again and again. It's where he feels at home. For his role as Paul Renner, he moved to Cologne, where he lives on a house boat on the Rhine river. Never without his motorcycle. Always moving. A free bird. A migratory bird.

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There's no stopping him – Daniel rehearses stunt scenes on set.

The guy next door.

Paul Renner is a slightly different character. Paul is settled down with his family and friends. He's not a superhero who saves the world. He's the guy next door, the policeman who likes his job and can be hell-bent on getting his way if need be. An authentic character. He's similar to Daniel in the way he approaches and lives life. "In fact, the character of Paul Renner was inspired by me; he's 80 to 90 percent me". In the future he will borrow a few more elements from Daniel's life. The actor can't divulge more than that right now. Only this: "The character will get even more exciting and interesting".

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More freedom, more film.

Planning? No thank you. That's almost impossible for an actor. The only planning he does involves realising his dream. Ever the surfer boy, he wants to buy a large catamaran in the next five years. He'll take his motorcycle with him on the boat. "When I arrive somewhere, I'll grab the bike, tie the surfboard or wakeboard to the rack and head to the nearest surfing spot". He's been saving for the boat for six years. It might inspire him and his work as an actor – maybe even as a future film-maker. "I could tell stories that would be unique, even in the world of TV and film". Realistic stories about adventures and experiences. "I see a lot story potential in it". Boats, bikes and surfing could play into it as themes. But he'll definitely be doing a lot more surfing and motorcycling until then. For example, on his upcoming road trip from California to Mexico. Enjoy the ride!

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A ride with good friends: Behind Daniel is fellow actor and documentary film-maker Hannes Jaenicke.

* Please note: The images shown here feature motorcycle and automotive stunt tricks, performed by professional stunt riders. BMW Motorrad recommends not to recreate any activity shown on these images.

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