BMW 3asy Ride

BMW 3asy Ride Financing is not available for retailers in: NC, ND, NH, NV, PA and WV. See your BMW Motorcycle retailer for details.

Low monthly payments like a lease and still own your bike? You heard right. This unique and flexible program is for you!

How it works:

You make low monthly payments for a time period that you establish up front. At the end of that term a balloon payment is due and you can:

1. Refinance the balloon payment amount; or
2. Complete your purchase by making the balloon payment.

3asy Ride is available for new BMW Motorcycles only. You can choose from flexible terms similar to a lease.

Advantages of BMW 3asy Ride:

1. Lower payments: in states where tax laws make leasing less advantageous, 3asy Ride allows you to make lower monthly payments for more motorcycle and we know you like that.
2. Keep your options open: you make lower monthly payments for a set term, as in a lease, and have flexible end-of-term options.
3. No lease return process to worry about. It's your motorcycle, so you can personalize it to fit you.
4. And there are no mileage restrictions, because we know you like to ride!

The bond of ownership: Payoff your final balloon. The title will be in your name and your bike is yours to do with as you please!