GS Trophy 2012

The next great motorcycle adventure is almost here!

The legendary GS Trophy stands for adventure, sweat, challenge, foreign cultures, camaraderie and lots of riding fun - a unique motorcycling adventure you could never buy.

What counts here is the idea of community, shared adventure, off-road passion and meeting fellow enduro enthusiasts from all over the world - an unforgettable experience which will be available for the third time in 2012. Some 50 riders from numerous nations demonstrate their team spirit, fitness, tenacity and not least their riding skills over a series of six days. The GS Trophy is not a race but still confronts entrants with a major physical and mental challenge: they often describe it as the adventure of a lifetime. And although there is only one winning team at the end, it is always fascinating to observe during the competition how a bit of gravel, sand and dust can make people so happy. The overall community and group dynamic is clearly the focus here. The GS Trophy is just as much a social event. The sustainable and responsible event concept ensures that the program is carefully harmonised with the cultural and humanitarian circumstances of the regions in which it takes place. All this makes the GS Trophy one of the most exciting enduro challenges in the world.

The venue of the next GS Trophy is South America, where the best three from each national qualifier will represent their country and come up against one another in the grand GS Trophy Final at the end of November. The bike used will be a BMW F 800 GS. But covering a route of 2,000 km, some of the special tests will also be carried out on a G 650 GS Sertao or a Boxer GS. However, at the end of it all it is not just the trophy that counts: the shared experience and newly acquired friendships among the riders are ultimately a much greater triumph for every rider.