GS Trophy 2012

GS Trophy Day 7

First, the big news... Team Germany has won the GS Trophy 2012, with France coming second and Italy rounding out the top three. Here's what happened on the final day of what has been a truly memorable Trophy...

Even though today (Saturday) was the last competition day of the GS Trophy 2012, the challenges still came thick and fast, starting with a ride up the famous Villarricia volano that led to the first special – a 'no spills' test on an Indiana Jones-style wobbly bridge. Each team member had a plastic cup filled to the brim with water and they were then tasked with crossing a perilous cable bridge high above a river – and back again! On returning, the volume of liquid still remaining in their cups was measured and the time taken to complete the challenge was noted. Nobody had a clue exactly how the scoring system worked, which left the competition wide open for the day's final stage later the same afternoon.

Another brilliant and twisty gravel road – perfectly suited to GS riding – took the participants back to the Trailanqui lodge, the same venue where they had started the 2012 GS Trophy more than one week ago. The organisers, lodge staff and many friends and family of the local Chilean guides and drivers were all there to give the riders a heroes' welcome, with empanadas, drinks and much waving of flags.

There was plenty of emotion on show for those who had made it to the 'finish line' of this seven-day, 2,000 kilometre ride of a lifetime that was packed with Specials, stunning scenery and sunshine for most of the week – if unfortunately not today. In fact, the weather started to turn during the second Special – called “My horse is dead” – where a team rider on his F 800 GS had to pull his two team-mates on a horse cart through a narrow track, guiding both motorcycle and trailer inbetween a series of cones. Points would be deducted if the rider put his foot down, turned around to look at his teammates or if any of the wheels of the cart touched the cones.

Then the rain came down much heavier just in time for the start of the second Special – a trials challenge – and the downpour didn't stop until late this evening. This made for an entertaining display of machine control, balance and teamwork that was required to get an R 1200 GS Rallye through the many sections of a tight, twisty trials course that became increasingly muddier and slippier as the competition progressed.

Then, tents were pitched for the final time before the traditional farewell dinner, which as suspected was a noisy affair, with much singing, dancing and speeches made. What everyone wanted to know of course were the final scores, which were revealed by BMW Motorrad GS Trophy organisers Michael Trammer and Tomm Wolf. A jubilant Team Germany were crowned the winners of the 2012 event and were presented with special Trophies for their efforts. Coming second was Team France, while the Italian team was third.

Ultimately though, there were no losers – just winners – as everyone that had taken part in this memorable event has made new friends from all over the world, ridden some of the best roads to be found anywhere on this planet, and enjoyed contributing to the biggest and best GS Trophy, which has been followed closely online by well over one million enthusiasts.

A full review of the 2012 GS Trophy will follow soon, with even more highlights, pictures and videos of this amazing South American adventure.
Final results:

1. Germany
2. France
3. Italy
4. Argentina
5. Team Alps
6. USA
7. Canada
9. UK
10. Latin America
11. South Africa
12. Russia
13. Brazil
14. Spain
15. Japan