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S 1000 RR

All-out performance – on and off the racetrack

The gratifying thrill of squeezing every ounce of performance from your machine is a big part of the thrill of owning an S 1000 RR. And it’s the only reason for our line of High Performance parts. Most are competition only, some are street legal, but all are crafted with absolute precision by professionals, for professionals.

• HP Titanium Exhaust System

• Complete, street-legal system by Akrapovič includes exhaust manifold, intermediate pipe and end silencer.
• Reduces weight by 12. 5 lb and increases performance, especially in midrange rpm.
• Delivers optimum throttle response in all four riding modes.
• Uses special data map for electronic engine management.
• Catalytic converter and exhaust-flow control flap housed in intermediate pipe along with a dB eater make this configuration street legal.
• Requires installation by authorized BMW Motorrad dealer (requires enabling code in the control unit).

HP Race Power Kit

• Akrapovič® racing exhaust system made entirely of titanium, open. The dB Eater (98 dB) included in the scope of supply can be installed if necessary to keep the machine within the tech-spec requirements imposed by some racing-circuit operators for noise abatement.
• Racing electronic engine management unit with racing data release.
• Increased torque, particularly at midrange rpm relevant for racing on closed tracks.
• Optimisation of the ride modes (RAIN, SPORT, RACE, SLICK) for track racing to boost performance under acceleration and traction (Dynamic Traction Control (DTC).
• Purpose: Optimised handling characteristics for circuit racing.
• Already used successfully by race teams (Developed by the SBK Team Italy).
• Enablement by authorised BMW Motorrad dealer (by enabling code in the control unit).

HP Race Calibration Kit

• Software tool for customising the parameters of engine management and DTC (injection, ignition, traction control, shift response HP shift assistant, speed limit for pit lane, deleting adaptation values).
• Ideal for use in combination with the HP Race Power Kit.
• Including adapter cable with USB connector for PC/laptop and 10-pin plug to motorcycle.
• Purpose: Custom, professional adaptation of engine performance and traction to the needs and preferences of the rider.
• Already used successfully by race teams.
• Enablement by authorised BMW Motorrad dealer (by enabling code in the control unit).

HP Race Cover Kit

• The mirrors, the front indicators and the number-plate carrier (including the rear indicators) are removed for racing. The HP Race Cover Kit consists of covers that take the place of these parts once they have been removed.
• 2 covers for mirrors, 2 covers for front indicators, 1 cover for underside of tail section.
• Purpose: Preparation of the motorcycle for track racing.

HP Race gearshift-pattern reverser

• Replacement of the shift lever for reversing the shift pattern (up for 1st gear, then down for upshifts).
• Purpose: Fast upshifts on the race track, also when motorcycle is heeled over in left-hand bends.
• Use in combination with the optional HP shift assistant is possible.
• Combination with both HP footrest system and standard footrest system possible.

HP Race footrest plate, right

• Specially shaped footrest plate for the right side of the HP footrest system for use in combination with the racing silencer (HP Race Power Kit).
• Without the superfluous mount for connecting the standard silencer or the homologated sports silencer.
• Purpose: Weight reduction and even better racing looks.

HP Race data logger

• Permanent storage of lap and race data in the data logger.
• Data can be exported to a USB memory stick for post-race processing on a PC or laptop computer.
• Including software for data analysis.
• Parameters logged include speed, engine rpm, throttle angle, brake status front/rear, gear selected, longitudinal acceleration, angle of heel, engine temperature, GPS position and GPS speed, ABS control range, DTC control.
• Purpose: Logging and analysis of race and lap data for optimising performance for even faster lap times.

The data logger can be used for perfect configuration and programming of the Race Calibration Kit. This allows the DTC Dynamic Traction Control to be perfectly adapted to the relevant race track and tyres.